Wednesday, September 1, 2010


"The heart wants what it wants.... There's no logic to those things." - Woody Allen

Have you ever wanted something, or someone, so much that you're willing to go through great lengths to get it, and even greater lengths to keep it? Have you ever deceived someone or kept your dirty little secret hidden, because you know you're not supposed to have it? Have you ever cheated, manipulated, or stolen?

They have.

Today is anything but a typical Sunday for the Dillards, if there is a such thing as "typical" for them. Something is always happening, no matter how mundane or how exciting. In this case, things happen to be more "exciting" than usual.

"Hi there, little buddy." Sandy said breathlessly after checking the pregnancy test for the hundredth time. She just couldn't believe it. She was so overjoyed, she could have danced a jig right then and there! It was unbelievably hard for her to conceive compared to her more "youthful" days. She spent many nights coaxing Brandon into bed with her, sometimes unsuccessfully. But that was yesterday. Now she has a tiny bundle of joy inside of her again, and it feels terrific. How would she tell everyone else? She doubted that they'd be as overjoyed as she is. They may even start to resent her for sneaking around and purposely avoiding birth control as she did. And what if Kyle's threats of moving out were true?

With a sad sigh, she hid her pregnancy test underneath some debris in the trash can and shut the door behind her.

Kyle spends most of his time in his room, focusing on his masterpieces or composing a new song. He's not a loner, but he can definitely identify with them. He likes being alone when creating, it gives him time to think. It also helps that between work, his siblings, and various appliances breaking, his parents have no time to constantly bug him.

Issac and Julie enjoyed just being kids, playing tag together, hanging out with friends, and working hard in school. As much as they liked to pretend that they couldn't stand each other, they were best friends. Secretly, Juliana is dreading the day that Issac grows up and joins Kyle in the word of adolescence. Who will she hang out with when that happens?

Brandon spent his Sunday morning fixing up the new plumbing in their brand new master bathroom. He loved the room, the colors were so vibrant and kind of manly. A welcome relief from all the fanciness and homey-ness of the rest of the house. He loved this home and the people in it, but sometimes he longed for the old bachelor pad he owned before he met Sandy. Sometimes, he even longs for the life he had before Sandy. Before all the kids, and the odd mood swings, and all the expensive bills, and the private school tuition because Sandy wanted "nothing but the best" for their kids.

But there was no turning back now.

Sandy grabbed some Goopy Cabornara and joined her son for some grub. Plumbbob, she was starving. She wolfed down the leftovers as Kyle looked at her quizzically, somewhat amused.

"Hungry there, Mom?" he teased. Sandy looked back at him, smiled, and sarcastically said "No, you think?" with a mouth full of food.

Kyle cringed a little at the poor table manners, but he brushed it aside. He wasn't too concerned about her sudden increase in appetite, he had much better things to worry the party going on this evening.

It wasn't really a "party" party, actually, just more of a gathering for Saskan Harbour high school students. Although it was small, this party had it all: the musician, the fellow music lover, the lovers making out on the bench, and the deceptively quiet wallflower sitting at the furthest table in the park. But even in all of its cliche, there was something different about this girl. She didn't seem like all the other loners.

She favored green and black, and kept to herself; although he could feel her eyes on him. There was an air of mystery about her, instead of the typical shy freshman.
The closer he got to her, the more enthralled he was with her dark yet alluring beauty. She also seemed a bit familiar, but he couldn't place his finger on it. Finally he made his way to her table, and ran out of words to say.

"Um...hi. You new?" he questioned, wishing he just left it alone. He felt like such an idiot. She just laughed, and said "Yes, I am. Good to see you again Kyle."

Baffled, he stared at her as if she told him she had wings. He knew her? Since when? Then, it all became rather clear. He gave her (another) once-over, and finally said "...are you Shao Lin's little sister?"

"Yes, I am." Jia Kai said again, obviously amused at his shock. Kyle's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Damn girl, you grew up!"

Kyle didn't even know what he said until Jia Kai reacted, and when he realized it, he mentally slapped himself. This was his friend's sister for Plumbbob's sake! He can't just treat her like all his other "toys".

"I-I'm sorry, I meant that you have nice....nice...eyes? Very round and, um...pretty...and perky..." Jia just rolled her eyes, now Kyle was getting annoying. She dragged him by the arm behind a tree, leaving the "party" that has now died.

"Ouch!" he squirmed in her grip "Hey, watch it! I don't need a bruise tomorrow morning!"

Rubbing his sore arm, he gave Jia a look and grimaced. He never met a girl so tough. "Hey, what was that for?"

"I wanted to escape that 'party', I've been to better parties than that **** i
n Shang Simla. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that you're a disgusting pig. You can't just treat women like objects." she stated in a rather monotone voice. Kyle didn't know how to react.

"Well, they're willing-"

"Don't. interrupt. me." she muttered through gritted teeth. Kyle nodded and let out a small "ok", not wanting to anger her any more than he already did.

"As I was saying, you'd be better off with a girl that wouldn't make you feel like you have to 'roam around'. You'd be better off with someone a little more...exciting."

"Oh really?" Kyle said in an amused voice. It's a pity that Jia was Shao's brother, he could definitely see himself going for her.

"Really." she purred.

Tired of waiting for Kyle to take the hint, she grabbed him and kissed him. He was shocked at how bold Jia was, she was truly unlike any girl he had met (and wooed) before. He couldn't help but wonder if something was a about her. No girl can be this perfect, right?

Kyle continued to let his thoughts go on and on while they were kissing. All of a sudden, Jia pulled away. "What?" Kyle said, afraid that Jia had sensed his suspicion. "Nothing, I just wanted to know if you wanted to go to the beach cliffs. You have a nice car, I thought we could maybe go together?" she suggested. "Sure, what day do you want me to pick you up?" "Actually, I meant tonight." "Tonight?! It's Sunday and almost past curfew! We have school tomorrow!" "Awwww, what is it, is the little sophomore afraid of missing school and cutting curfew?" Jia teased.

"No, actually, my concern is for you. You fresh meats need your extra sleep for all the tough freshie work." he teased back

"Well I don't really give a ****, and you're not a freshman, so we can go...right?" Jia smiled innocently. Kyle reluctantly agreed and fumbled for his car keys.

"Man, my parents are going to kill me for this."

When they made it to the beach cliffs, Kyle held Jia's hands as they watched the ocean rhythmically move back and forth. Kyle tried to pull a move or two, and Jia didn't reject him. If anything, she encouraged it. A strange specimen indeed.

And that is when they heard sirens.

Jia quickly ran toward the nearest street, leaving Kyle on his own and completely clueless as to what to do next. Unable to do much of anything else, he allowed the cops to come and take him home.

"What on earth were you doing out so late, son?! Your folks got concerned and thought you died or something." Kyle smirked. That was a new one, usually whenever he leaves the house, his parents fear that he knocked someone up.

"It was a girl, sir. A girl I knew for awhile, but never really know?" Officer Dequan nodded, and chuckled as he said "At this age, all girls are poison. All of 'em. Even the blonde, sugary sweet, blue-eyed, pink loving, pop devotees. I had to learn that the hard way." he sighed. "But if you cared about your future, you'd avoid her."

Kyle looked down at his hands. He did care about his future, and he also cared about his parents. But deep down...he cared about Jia more. A smart, witty, beautiful girl that won his heart when they were little kids, and again as teens. It's like she was the mirror image of him, his other half...

...and he didn't want to let go of that. He wanted her in the worst way, and nothing else. Even if it meant breaking curfews.

"What on earth were you thinking, Kyle?!" Brandon yelled furiously. "I've spent hours, HOURS trying to calm your mother down!! Do you KNOW how worried she was? You could have given her a heart attack! And the crying, oh Plumbbob the crying..."

"I'm sorry Dad-"

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Kyle. What's with the sudden irresponsibility? Can I no longer trust you?!"

"Of course you can trust me Dad..."

"THEN WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?? Tell me, why did you do it son? Why?"

" was a girl..."

Brandon let out a sigh of defeat. "A girl..." he muttered. "Another girl, Kyle?! ****!!!" he yelled

"No, this is a different girl, she's-"

"Forget it." he screamed. "Just...forget it. @#!@!, I'm way too old for this ****."

Brandon turned away and walked toward the house while muttering profanities. "What in the world got him so worked up?" Kyle thought.

The next morning, Kyle woke up and felt as if a bus hit him. He looked at his alarm clock and groaned. "Of all nights to violate curfew, why last night?" he whined. But it was too late now, it was a Monday and he had school in an hour. The hardest part of today would be facing his parents after last night's incident. Or so he thought...

He saw his cellphone vibrate on his desk and got up to answer it.

"What the hell, man it's six in the morning! I'll talk to you at school." he said sleepily into the phone.

"Naw man, I didn't call just to chat." Rocco said in reply. "Rumor's going 'round that you banged Charles' chick last night. Didya do it? Didya? Oh man, you're my hero!"

Kyle was disgusted, confused, and elated all at the same time. He loved it when there were rumors going around that he scored yet another chick (although he's still a virgin, much to his dismay), but Charles was a tough guy, someone you don't wanna mess with. And he had no clue who "Charles' chick" was.

"Umm, who?"

"Ahaha, that's my man! Scoring so many he doesn't remember the name!"

"Right, right." Kyle said, playing along. "So, what's her name?"

"Her name is Jia, you know, that girl you sneaked off with last night? The whole school knows about it. Rumor has it, Charles is angry. Very angry. ***hole had it comin' to 'em if you ask me."

Kyle dropped the phone in shock. He could hear Rocco yelling for him in the background. He didn't know whether to laugh, cry, or destroy something in a fit of rage.

All he knew is that Jia had some explaining to do.

Haha, slowly but surely I'm learning how to make backups. :) Seriously, my game either crashes, freezes, or goes "error 12" on me every ten minutes. Not sure why.

Fun facts:

1. Jia Kai Lin (her full name, isn't it pretty?) was originally meant to be new to town, but I remembered that I had Jia and Kyle as friends already while Kyle was still a kid/preteen. Best friends. Oops?
2. "Jia" means "beautiful", "Kai" means "exceptionally bright", and "Lin" means "family name", all in Chinese. Or at least, that's according to the baby name sites I went on.
3. It was a huge, HUGE pain to get the pictures, with the game freezing and whatnot.
4. SH is seriously lacking teens!! I'm so disappointed.
5. I'm thinking about starting a few new pages dedicated to their traits, fun facts, SimTweet updates certain sims are featured in, etc.
6. The house is almost completely done with renovation and will be up soon!
7. It was really hard to talk like a typical teenage "mac daddy". I kept cringing every time Kyle or one of his buddies would open their mouth. I really pity Brandon at this moment, it was actually not my plan to get Sandy pregnant. I do believe that SP did it while I was checking in on another family, ahaha. The one time I did try to get Sandy pregnant, it didn't work.
8. If you're wondering who Rocco is, he's the blonde guy with the odd Chinese getup.
9. If you remember the Crazy Hormonal Sandy phase Sandy went through while pregnant with Issac, it might amuse you to find out that Issac is not only a pyro, but a neurotic pyro. ;) Juliana turned out to be neurotic as well, which might be why they get along so well.

P.S. - Did you catch the cop referencing to Sandy? ;)


  1. Congrats to Sandy on the new little one but from the sound of the tweets, the rest of the family is running away from home when they find out! :)

    Kyle had a very interesting time with his party. Meeting someone new who turns out to be someone he knows. Making out - getting busted - finding out she is the girl of a local tough guy.

    Very interesting update. :)

  2. Great update. Kyle seemed had so many experiences with girls before. Glad that he found his old friend who turned out to be a lovely girl, and then they fell in love. How cute. They are typical teens, breaking curfew and all. It was really hard to talk like that, but I could see you were able to do it. Great work. And ooh, Sandy, soon Brandon will find out anyway.

  3. Hahaha... Oh, teenagers. They can be so spiteful! Looks like Kyle's gotten himself into quite the pickle, too. It'll be interesting to see how he gets out of that one. :P Jia Kai seems like a cute girl, but she's devious, in my eyes!

    Pregnant Sandy = lol. My sympathies. I can actually empathize a little, SP changed things while I was in another household as well, I wasn't exactly thrilled at first.. But it grew on me.

    House seems to be shaping up nicely, too. :) I wouldn't mind seeing some screens of the finished producted throughout once you're done, I like looking at polished houses. :D Also, sounds like you need to move in some teens to SH... And probably kids. Hopefully there's room to put them somewhere.

  4. Loved this update!

    I can't wait to see everyone's reaction to Sandy's pregnancy. Brandon seemed pretty tense, so maybe he already knows...

    As for Kyle, well I don't know how he's gonna get himself out of that one. For someone so pretty, that Jia is such a devious little minx! She is just too much trouble and kinda reminds me of crazy Angelina. >_<

  5. PiB - Thanks! :) Things moved kinda fast, but...that's the sims for ya. :P I figured since teens can be kind of reckless with their hormones anyway, it wasn't that far of a stretch.

    M.J. - Thank you! And really, Kyle is just a bluffer. But you'll find out more about that later. ;)

    Kaleeko - LOL, Jia is lovely on the outside, not-so-lovely on the inside. But there's a method to the madness. ;) Yeah, pregnant Sandy is going to drive the house insane...

    And unfortunately, I'm running out of room. :( I think I only have about four or five houses left, and I don't want everyone living at home. I think I'll have to take a look at bigger worlds.

    Umi - Brandon doesn't already know for certain, but he's got a feeling. Plus, he seems to be regretting a few things...

    LMAO, just make sure Jia doesn't hear that. She knows sim fu. ;)

  6. Ooh, Kyle got himself into a mess. Well, Jia dragged him into a mess is more like it. Guys never think with their brain. :)

    Get ready Brandon. You may as well forget that bachelor pad cause you and going back to it with all those kids. :D

    It's probably a good thing Kyle didn't know just who the cop was talking about.

  7. Dee - Definitely. And Charles Delano is actually the son of a crime family, so the Dillards might have to watch their step for awhile.

    LOL, poor poor Brandon. A part of me wants to reach into the screen and hug him, and another part of me just wants to slap him and tell him to suck it up. There's no undo button on the fabric of life ;)

    Yeah, poor Kyle would be traumatized for life if he knew. After a little snoopin', I found out that Dequan is actually the boyfriend of one of my sims' offspring, Chelsea Oliver (you might recognize her, she was the child in my avatar for awhile). Yeah.

  8. Quick update coming up on the house, the residents of SH, and how they affect (or don't effect) the storyline. Also, I can't make a decision on what world I want to download

  9. Would you do me a favor and in the comment and post notifications add me as
    I'm receiving notices in my old yahoo address but not in my new gmail address. I would appreciate very much. I'm not using yahoo much except to post on my blog.

    I wouldn't even know what town to suggest. I gave up on them. They either crashed me, caused lag or were just too small/large.

    I'm waiting for the new one that I can buy from the store.

    I remember your child avatar.

  10. Yep! You got it. :)

    Yep, happened to me too. That's why I fell in love with SH, it was so lag-free and gorgeous. Then it's small size betrayed me. *sniffle* I could always add lots, but I'm so darn lazy. It took forever to build Brandon and Sandy's house, it'll probably take even longer for me to build homes for townies.

    Ahaha, that one looked fun, but not too inventive.

    Yep, I thought it would be nice to have a change. :)

  11. When the new one comes out, I'm sure I'll add lots if it doesn't have enough. I've been practicing and have learned that even if they are angled or off the road a little they will still work. The lot I'm using now is one I added. I just sloped the side so it wouldn't be a sharp drop off. I had to level it first though. The game lets us know if it is a place that the sims can't get to.