Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lightning-Quick Update!

It's rambly time! I'm extremely hyper right now. Extremely. This is what coffee does to you, kids. Anyway, I really really want to make this post because I want you to get to know the residents of SH, and their personalities as well as their offspring. And plus there's a whole bunch of other crap that I wanted to tell you guys and never did so this will be the post to do it!! (P.S. if you're new to the blog, or you just want to be "shocked" the next update, there are *spoilers* in this post. Don't know where yet, but I have loose lips. Or is that fingers?) So...ready? Let's begin!

 1. Where do the Dillards live?

So, I've been meaning to do a house tour for awhile now, but I wanted to wait until the living room and the kitchen were fixed up (it's very, very plain, and even a little messy since I'm interrupting the story). Oh well, I'll just let the kitchen be a surprise for readers/downloaders. btw, there will be no pictures of the 2nd story hallway. It's cramped up there, so trying to get a good pic of the hallway would be torture. And without further ado, I present...

The Dillard Homestead (click the link)

This sounds incredibly cheesy, but I'm so proud of them. They're living the simmy suburban dream. :') The house will be uploaded as soon as I get enough funds to update the kitchen, living room, and backyard. Thank God Brandon is at the top of his career now, woooo!

2. Who all live in Saskan Harbour?

Saskan Harbour is populated mostly with my sims, and a little with sims the game spawned. I haven't grown attached to most of them, admittedly, since they were all just meant to woohoo like bunnies and throw pretty babies for the Dillards to woo. Also, I wanted the world to seem less...lonely, and more populated.

Since I have enough sims to make me not want to do an entire world tour, I'm just going to show you my favorites:

(Some Of) The Residents:

Also known as "Angelina's Nice Twin".
Name: Geneva Watts
 Impact on story: none

Dear Mandie, I'm so sorry I never actually played you. But you're awesome anyway.
 Name: Mandie Jenner
Impact on story: minimal (Sandy's boss)

My favorite family. After the Dillards, of course.
Names: (from L to R) Allen Francois-Gale, Anya Francois-Gale, Trudy Francois-Gale, Kiana Francois-Gale
Impact on story: yes

side note - Chelsea sadly broke up with Dequan. *weeps*
Name: Chelsea Oliver
Impact on story: none

 3. Where did Angelina go?

Angelina took a hike, lol! The rivalry is no more, I'm sorry to say. Angelina is a doting mommy (and a semi-faithful girlfriend) now, and Sandy seems to be preoccupied with cramming as many babies into her simmy uterus as she can at the moment.

3. Who is Jia Kia Lin?  (spoiler alert, but it may help you understand "Kyle's Story" more)

Why, my dear friends, what a wonderful question! Jia Kai is the result of a fragmented thought of mine.
 It all started with a moral. A moral that if we loved with all our hearts, life would be better. But what if not all love is good? What if some love is obsessive, dangerous, toxic, and foolish? And what would you do with a love like that? Of course, there are faults in that logic (hence the "fragmented" part, since I didn't think it all the way through) but I figured it would be something interesting to attempt.
Bad Jia! No drinking while your parents are gone!

Jia Kai is, in essence, toxic. Admittedly, she's also a greatly amplified manifestation of my own toxicity. I can't say that I have the same history as Jia, or the same "forwardness", but she's also a manifestation of the toxicity of others. She's a jumble of outside influences, lol. She's dark, manipulative, alluring, and violent. One surprising fact about her is that she can't stand liars. Don't let her exterior fool you however, there's a soft spot deeep deeeeeep down, and it'll take a special person to bring it out. I kind of look forward to unraveling the layers of her personality as well as Kyle's, they're both rather complex. And now that we're done talking about the mysterious Jia Kai....

4. Tell me more about Kyle, he's such a cutie! *more spoilers*

Liar liar, chess on fire
Yep! But he's also a bit of a compulsive liar. He wants to be cool at SH high, but in reality, he's just as much of a nerd as his mother and his two younger siblings. He makes up lies to stay in with the "cool crowd", but the girls he makes up lies about don't mind because he's *oh so charming*. Even as a baby, Kyle was quite the attention seeker, so it doesn't shock me that he'd stoop so low. But boy oh boy, Jia will be pissed if she ever finds out.

5. Who is Shao Lin?

No one. He doesn't matter. *stiff smile*

And now it's time for...


I need a bigger world. I need you guys to pick a world. Wait, that wasn't really a question. Okay, bonus request then.

Sooo, pick 'un!

Pretty sure at least one of them needs Ambitions, but eh...



Everyone reacting to the doorbell. Hilarious.


  1. Georgia Falls!! Neat update! It's going to be interesting to see where things go with Jia Kai! Couldn't see the house since I am Viewing this on an iPhone. But I am sure it's lovely. Thank you

  2. Mrs. Stuffy - Ahh, darn. But that's pretty cool that you can view blogger from an iphone. I don't have one, so I've never tried it.

    I love Georgia Falls as well, but so much Ambitions stuff...*waits patiently for October*

    And it's no problem! Hopefully you'll be able to see it soon in all of its middle-class glory. :)

  3. Cool update, cheezy. :) I love little synopses about characters (pretty easy to tell from my own pages, hehe), and peering into their minds to see what makes them tick -- as well as seeing how their creators perceive them. You've got some neat Sims budding in your story.

    I really like your explanation of Jia Kai, especially. I tend to have a bias towards venomous Sims and characters, since they always make things more interesting -- and I can't wait to see what sort of havoc she wrecks upon your family. Bwahaha!

    Georgia Falls looks great, but so does the other. Hard to really tell since there isn't a ton of screenies.

    You don't have Ambitions yet?! You poor thing!

  4. Hey, Cheezy! Great use of MOO in the bathroom of the new house. And I liked the touch of including the laundry in the garage. It seemed very authentic to me.

    You make Jia sound very interesting and complex. She's going to be fun to get to know.

    You are going to love Ambitions.

  5. Kaleeko - Haha, thank you! And I do love the venomous characters and the chaos as well. It's fun to watch the torment. muahahahaha

    If you click on the Bobolat build it (or whatever) link, more pictures appear. There's a ton of 'em. :)

    Nope, sigh. I'm thinking about getting it when Late Night comes out, which is apparently in Oct. Then I'd kill two birds with one very expensive stone.

    Chrysame - Thank you so much! That means a lot to me since I was aiming for realism. It took me awhile to figure out what "MOO" meant, I even googled it.

    Definitely a lot of fun, I can't wait to get to know her myself. :D I feel like I'm continuously getting to know my sims, it's a nice feeling.

    Argh, I can hardly wait any longer! Oh well, I'll manage without it...for now...

  6. Mmmcheezy-- If you don't mind getting downloadable copies of games, the EA store has Ambitions 40% off right now ($24). It may be worth getting while it's cheaper, unless you prefer having a hardcopy.

    I'm getting HELS while the sales on ($12). That's a stuff pack less than stuff in the Store! *dance*

  7. I dropped by this morning but didn't have time to comment. The house looks great. I like Georgia Falls.
    No matter what, I still think Kyle is so cute. Jia is dangerous.

  8. Kaleeko - That sounds great, but I'm so wary of downloading games instead of going out and buying them. I feel like a hard copy would be more convenient for me, just in case I do something foolish (and knowing me, I will).

    Dee - Thanks! :) Yeah, Kyle's a cutie. I don't know who I see more of, he looks like an attractive mix of his mother and his father. That's refreshing, since Issac and Juliana could almost be twins. They're definitely leaning more toward Brandon's genetic makeup.

  9. I'm kind of a sucker for behind the scenes stuff, so this update was a really fun and interesting read for me. :)