Monday, August 30, 2010

SimTweets! 8/30/10

Check out the first SimTweet!

More SimTweets. Disjointed, but a lovely little lighthearted peek into their lives. :) Especially since a rather intense update is on the agenda.


  1. LOL, that is so cool.

    Yay, update coming soon. Patiently waiting. Taps foot. :)

  2. Trust me, I'm super excited to crank out this update as well. :) I want to actually take the time and organize it in my head so I can "articulate" it properly, so it might take a bit.

  3. This is such a cute idea. LOL, love the- ewww, mother!!! hehehehe

  4. Hehehe, cute! I can't make out the pictures super well, but I'm assuming Sandy is a PI, now! Very cool. :D

    I also can't wait for the update! Woo! ^^

  5. Thanks! :)

    Yeah, the thumbnails are rather tiny, but she's actually a checker for an automated spellchecker (or whatever the 2nd level of the Journalism career is).

    The sooner my game stops crashing every ten minutes, the sooner the update is posted. :)

  6. Just booted up the game - checked out Sandy's career and found myself pleasantly surprised. She was bumped up to Freelance Writer without me noticing, must have been while I was checking in on another family.