Friday, August 27, 2010

SimTweets! 8/27/10

When I found out that some sim heirs invaded Twitter and Facebook, I thought that was an absolutely brilliant idea. It seems as if tweeting through the viewpoint of a sim gives you an even deeper insight to their personalities, as in, how they behave in everyday life when no "drama" is present. However, I wanted to keep it "integrated" into the general storyline and world. I wanted the residents of Saskan Harbour to interact with each other, without needing to have multiple accounts. And that is when I found Fake Tweet Builder. It's incredibly simple to use, it's very fun, and it's great for those minor updates that always seem to clog up story lines (for instance: ZOMG LOOK I REDID THE KITCHEN!!) Another thing that I find very useful for it is that they allow me to update you guys on the rest of the residents in a non-intruding manner. I'll probably be downloading some sims and update you on their progress through Saskan Harbour that way. :D They also have Facebook Quotes, which is basically the same thing as the Fake Tweet Builder, but Facebook style. Help on how to use them can be found here.

This may or may not be a "lasting" thing, but it's definitely easier than trying to blog, blog, blog. If I cannot give you an update, I can at least give you a SimTweet! :D

Evidently, Blogger does not like particularly long SimTweets (or maybe I just goofed up the first SimTweet in MS Paint). You'll have to click and enlarge some of them, but hopefully that won't be a major problem. :)

I need to stop now before I go crazy with the SimTweets, lol. Expect more SimTweets tomorrow! :)


  1. Hahaha! This is a cute idea, mmmcheezy. While the craze isn't exactly my sorta thing, I can't disagree with the idea of throwing some tweets together when you don't have time to do a full post. You aren't doing them as a twitter account that actually has to be followed, which would've been my only dislike.

    Having them as images in a post is great, though! I look forward to seeing more, especially your next story post. I wanna know more about Angelina! ;D

  2. Very cute. It's a nice change of pace. A good way to mix things up.

    Brandon, remember that No is one of the best words in the whole wide sim world.

  3. Hehe love the tweets! Their user names are pretty awesome too. :D

  4. Kaleeko: Thanks! And about Angie, well...that's a long story. ;) She got knocked up by one of her many boyfriends, so she'll probably be out of the main story line due to parenting responsibilities. I can definitely get her a SimTweeter "account" however, and document just how much she harasses the residents. >:D

    Chrysame - Thank you! And Sandy should seriously let go of that wish of hers, I got rid of it TWICE and then finally just let her have her wish. I think Brandon's a little suspicious of her motives, especially now that they're adults.

    Umi - Thanks! :D The usernames required a bit of creativity, lol. I just hope I can remember them all!

  5. That's a cute way to have insights into their little pixel lives The "I want a baby" sequence is a scream!

  6. lol, thank you! Sigh, sometimes, I could just kill/fix Sandy. One second she wants a promotion, the next she wants a baby. I just look at her and say "make up your mind!!"