Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Enter: the confused ramblings of a sick person...

I felt the need to make this post because I haven't made one in awhile and I wanted it to be known that I'm not giving up on it. Just recently I got sick (again, I know. remind me not to hang around little kids without taking some vitamin c tablets first), but even before then, I wasn't making regular updates. That is because I experienced a feeling of "burnout", which I often get when playing or blogging too frequently and running into a wall, and I also got stuck on what way I should re-do their home. Thankfully I've got the home taken care of now, so when I start playing again that'll be done. :D Still needs some fixing up though, so I think I plan on skipping a little story-wise. Don't worry, you won't miss much. ;)

Anyway, here are a few pictures from my last playing session...enjoy!

p.s. Kyle = cutest thing ever, even as a kid

And last but not least, the result of their somewhat-limited funds
Keep in mind that the inside is still basically nothing but walls and cement, lol


  1. The house looks good so far! It takes time to perfect a house, especially if you don't have a lot of money to work with.

    The kids look adoorrable, too. :D

    I can sympathize with sickness/writer's block. Just remember that you're writing for your own pleasure. I find, sometimes I don't feel like I want to write, but once I start I get really excited and keep going. Don't force it if it just isn't coming, though -- remember to have fun, whatever you do!

    I look forward to your next post, though, whenever it is. :)

  2. Love the house and the family. Kyle is really cute.
    Good to know you haven't left.
    It seems everyone is getting sick or just getting over getting sick.

  3. Thanks! It definitely takes time and dedication, I spent hours just searching for a suitable house plan. I think I'm going to lighten up the exterior though...it's a little dark, which doesn't seem to suit them now that I think about it.

    Kyle is definitely my favorite, I don't think I can deny it anymore. He's also the household favorite, ahaha! I kinda pity Issac and Juliana.

    Those are good points, thank you for bringing them up. :) The same thing happens to me, and then I "fall off the wagon" and have a hard time getting back on. Maybe I just need to be nagged into it, or maybe I need to start nagging myself less. I think that's what pulls the fun out of blogging and playing, I keep pestering myself into doing it.

  4. Dee - Thanks! :D Yeah, I've noticed that. Maybe it's an internet bug going around. :P

  5. Lovely pictures. I love the first one. Kyle is cute. The house looks great too.

  6. Beautiful home on the outside. Cannot wait to see what you come up with on the inside.... btw you think you might want to upload that to share *PLEEEASE* :)

  7. MJ - Thank you!

    Mrs. Stuffy - I'll definitely upload the house when the interior is finished! Ahaha, I'm so excited to share it with you guys, it's the kind-of-first time that I've tried to make a truly realistic home in TS3. Did some work on it yesterday, but the game crashed, so...back to the grindstone. :)

  8. Everything looks great and I can't wait for you to start posting again. Get well soon! :)

  9. Oh, and I may or may not be introducing a new character. We'll see how this goes. ;)

  10. Hey welcome back. That's an amazing house from the exterior.

    Remember, write for yourself first and just hope that someone likes it too. Works for me. :)