Thursday, July 29, 2010

Unexpected Visitor

In the Dillard household, things were going smoothly and according to plan. Possibly, to the point of concern.

Much to their surprise, Sandy got pregnant rather easily...again. "Ugh, I don't think I can do this again" she thought to herself before tossing up the leftover mac and cheese. What on sim-earth were she and Brandon thinking?!

Kyle was no longer the center of attention, just as he feared. If possible, Issac was even more demanding than Kyle was, and the pregnancy distracted his parents as well. Thus, Kyle was left in a high chair for long periods of time.

But even though she has two very young children and a very stressed out husband, Sandy was...mellow. This pregnancy was a lot more calm than the first two. She wasn't beaming with unexplainable joy like she was during Kyle's pregnancy, but she wasn't moody and spiteful like she was during Issac's pregnancy. The baby drained a lot of her energy, but other than that, things were pretty peaceful.

Later on that day, she scheduled a play date at her house so that Kyle could interact with kids his own age. She invited over Desiree (she's expecting-again!), Alexander and his daughter Malissa (middle), and Anya and her daughter Kiana. Kiana is so adorable, she's going to break a lot of hearts, just like her mother.

Meanwhile, the adults were in the family room watching Romantic Rendezvous, Anya's favorite soap channel. No one really seemed amused except from Alex, who was trying to lead a group analysis on the secret relationship Betty Lou and James shared.

After that, they stood in the walkway debating politics. Sandy was trying her best to look interested when out of the blue, the doorbell rang. That's odd, she wasn't expecting anyone else.

"I'm sorry, if you'll excuse me..."

"Oh no, that's fine." Alex reassured her with a trademark grin. She didn't even notice that her friend was hungrily staring him down. If Sandy were aware of what was happening, she would say "For Pete's sake, you're both married! No flirting."

But right now, her mind was somewhere else.

"Oh, um...hello. You look...different." Sandy said carefully. She was torn between admiring Angelina's guts for showing up to her doorstep, and wanting to destroy them for that very same reason.

"Hi, you look lovely! Pregnancy suits you well. Love that red lip!" she smiled

Sandy wasn't buying it.

"Look, what do you want? Sorry, Brandon isn't home yet."

"Oh I know, I have him doing some of my paperwork. My job performance hasn't been the best lately. I just figured that you might want to know that I'm backing off."


"I'm backing off. You're right, I was out of line. Anyway, you look tired. You should get some rest," she chirped.

Plumbbob, she was the worst actress ever.

"Look, I'm in no mood for mind games." she said, closing her eyes. "You tried to steal him from me from day one. You crashed my wedding and tried to break it up. Hell, you even snuck into the house to flirt with Brandon while I was at a friend's house! I know you're not going to give up."

"Well fine, I guess you're smarter than I thought-"

"Genius, actually." Sandy haughtily replied

"Show off."

"Do you think that baby is going to save your marriage?" she yelled, pointing at Sandy's protruding stomach. "Do you think it's going to keep Brandon from me? I think not, nothing can save your marriage, I don't care how many babies you pop out. In fact, I'd like it if you popped out more. The fatter you get and the more stressed out he is, the sooner he'll run to me."

Sandy stared at her in sheer anger, horror, and disbelief. It took everything in her power to restrain herself from beating the crap out of Angie.

" must be crazy. You must be out of your damn mind." Sandy shakily muttered, backing away. "He doesn't want you, just...please leave me and my family in peace, and we can all leave this alone. No harm no foul."

"Oh, so that's it? What happened to those threats, hmm? Now you're just backing away like a coward-"

Angelina was cut off not by words, but by Sandy's menacing glare. On one hand, she was happy. She had successfully gotten under her skin. On the other hand, Angelina was now frightened for her own life. But she wouldn't dare show it, and she knew that someone like Sandy could never lay a hand on her, let alone commit murder.

So instead of making her fear apparent, she put on a smug grin.

They both knew that Angelina would never have Brandon, and neither one of them cared. This was about more than just Brandon. This was an all-out-war.

Let the battle begin.

A few days later, Sandy gave birth to (hopefully) their final baby named Juliana. Finally, it's a girl!

Issac had a birthday and turned 4 days old the same night. Granted, he's not as much of a camera-lover as his brother Kyle, but he's adorable nonetheless.

And as for Kyle, well, he had a birthday party of his own. Completely ignored by his family members in favor of his "other siblings", Kyle grew up all alone.


Where do I begin? So it turns out that whatever bug this is, it likes it when Sandy is pregnant. Then the picture shows up, and she can actually change out of her clothes. When she's no longer pregnant, she still can't do anything that requires changing clothes, including woohoo. I'm hoping that if I patiently wait until she turns into an adult or an elder, then the glitch will phase out.

Oh, and My game crashed on me so I lost everything from the fight with Angelina down. Oh well, we can just say that we got a glimpse into the future. ;)


  1. Evil Angelina! Well, whatever the cae, even skinny with a better haircut, and Sandy pregnant... Sandy will always be prettier. I don't think she's got a thing to worry about. But... am I wrong? We shall see!

    Lookit all those kids, such a handful... At least Kyle is a kid now. It's so much easier when they aren't all in cribs. :)

    Sorry to hear your bug hasn't resolved itself, either. You may need to try taking out your mods one at a time to see if any of that is causing the issue. If it's a Twallan-mod, make sure to let him know so he can fix it.

  2. I didn't recognize Angelina. She looks a lot different.

    Isaac is a little luvbug.

    Regarding your game issues, I echo what Kaleeko said. Also, don't discount your other mods being an issue or even a combination of two mods, etc. This does sound remarkably like PiB's problem.

  3. It was the hardest thing in the world to try and change Angie's style, lol. First time I tried it, the game actually crashed on me. I don't think it likes Angie either. ;)

    Definitely a lot easier now, I still need to re-do their home. I'm admittedly putting that off for a bit. *shifty eyes*

    Issac turned out adorably! Not as cute as Kyle, though. Me, playing favorites? Maybe.

    In regards to the bug, I don't know what's wrong with it specifically, but I do know that it's a problem with the MasterController, and possibly me stupidly using the "Stylist" option with no AMB EP (I thought it was just a fancy word? haha). I've tried taking them all out and testing it, and then adding one in and getting rid of the other and the problem is still there. It's a lot like PiB's problem, actually, if not exactly like it.

  4. Twallan updated the MC yesterday, so I think I'll install it and see if it helps with my problem.

  5. Cheezy - it really sounds like the MasterController bug that means they have NO normal clothes - only the preggie clothes. The bad news is that before I pulled back the old saved game, my Sim who had been preggie and wasn't couldn't age nor sleep nor exercise nor shower. Twallan had a theory about debug enabler being able to fix it, but I didn't try that. I went from v4 to v5 so maybe the later versions are better.

    Poor Kyle aging up on his own.

    I hope Sandy can cope with Angie in the long run.

    Isaac is a cutie!

  6. I tried the Invisible Sim fix last night, and it worked! The only downside is that it messed with her facial template as well as Anya's (the glitch happened with her as well), so I had to go back into CAS and give them their original faces back. Good thing I saved them, haha.

    Yeah I felt a bit bad for Kyle, his self-centered days are over. He's going to have to learn how to share now, especially with Julie and Issac (and maybe another) on board now.

    I hope so too. Hopefully the Dillard family is strong enough to stay together through Angie's schemes.

    He is a cutie, just a very whiny one! I love it, he constantly stresses his parents out. I've never had a toddler like him before.

  7. Wow, another one? Poor little Kyle. The oldest always get so much attention until the next ones come along. Isaac is so cute too. I just love the toddlers in this game.

    I'm glad Sandy didn't fall for the Angelina crap. That's a sneaky one.

  8. Ugh, that Angelina makes me so mad! >:(

  9. Dee - Kyle is not taking the loss of attention well, lol. Thank goodness kids can't scream and howl anymore. He and Issac were awful.

    Yep, Sandy doesn't have the word "genius" in her resume for nothing. ;)

    Angelina ticks me off so so much, but if I kill her off, there would be no more drama. :( I kind of like the drama, lmao. I'm a very sick sims player, I admit it.