Monday, July 12, 2010

Pictures are worth a thousand words


I was busy this weekend and therefore unable to do much simming/blogging, and now that I've had some down-time today, I couldn't find anything to say! I figured that I'd try doing an update with only pictures, and no words. Did it affect you more than it would have if I had inserted text? Does it build up suspense? Does it confuse you! lol, any reactions would be awesome to hear.

By the way, I promise that speechless updates will not be a regular thing. It's just that some pictures speak for themselves. ;)


  1. Awww. :) It's very sweet! I actually was thinking of doing the same thing sometime down the road (a no text post, that is), so I can assure you, I personally think it's a fantastic idea. Great minds think alike, hmm? ;)

    They're gonna have a baby, though! Woohoo! Can't wait to see what it's gonna be.

  2. I wasn't confused. The pictures tell a story all by themselves sometimes. There are times when I seriously think about just posting the pictures. I think I did, once.

  3. Thank you :)

    Kaleeko - Indeed they do! ;) And I'm so happy for them, I can't wait for Sandy to just hurry up and pop it out, and something tells me that she can't wait either.

    Dee - Good to know :) I just wanted to make sure, I wouldn't want to confuse anyone haha.

  4. *laughing* I'm easy to confuse. If you son't confuse me, anyone will understand. :)

  5. I forget how to spell sometimes too. :)

  6. Loved the pictures, can't wait to see what Brandon says though.

  7. Those pictures perfectly stated the storyline. I love the second pic. It's awesome that you can capture it. She looked so confuse on how to tell him. But, at the end of it... They looked happy (he was a bit shocked though :) )

  8. Dee - That happens to me as well :)

    Umi - Oh, you won't be disappointed!

    M.J. - Thank you! Sandy does that fidgeting animation a lot when she's about to tell Brandon certain things. Maybe she knows what's going on. ;)

    Brandon was definitely shocked, and definitely happy. I think he's ready to be a daddy.

  9. It's a cute idea and it worked fine. Might not work for someone new to Sims 3 but anyone who has had a few babies in the family would know what happened in the bathroom and what Sandy was telling Brendon.

    I do like how she looked just before she told him. "How do I tell him? Are we ready for this?"

    Glad Brendon was happy about the news.

  10. So true on some pictures speak for themselves.

    Let see, Sandy was unsure of how or when to tell Brandon they will be having a baby. Obviously because he will freak out about money or something silly like that.
    And so she told her later one night and by the look of his face he is gobsmacked! lol