Thursday, July 8, 2010

Starting Over

Sandy, aka Sim-Indiana Jones, found quite a few valuable relics during their vacation to Egypt, so she promptly sold them for extra funds. Coupled with Brandon's rainbow gem, they were able to afford a rather drastic home makeover.

After work, Brandon invited his boss Angelina Watts back over to his place. Obviously, she misunderstood the message! She tried (unsuccessfully) to flirt with him right in front of his girlfriend. How inappropriate! Thankfully, Sandy did not get upset, and the rejection will not hurt his work performance.

Sandy remained cordial; maybe even a little more than he expected. He felt very awkward at this very moment.

Sandy pretty much read the look on Brandon's face and gave him a reassuring hug. It wasn't his fault that his boss was a tramp, after all.

Sandy remained patient with Angelina until she attempted to strike once again, only to have the look of horror return on Brandon's face. That was the last straw.

Instead of getting angry, she staked her claim by planting a kiss on Brandon's mouth. It shocked him about as much as it shocked Angelina. "Psh, she isn't even attractive. I don't understand why she's trying to move in on my man," Sandy thought pettily. But she didn't stop there. She was a woman on a mission.

She didn't know what came over her; maybe seeing another woman try to put the moves on Brandon served as a wake-up call? Maybe the feeling of jealousy makes her frisky. Whatever the feeling was, it was powerful. She had to have him right then and there.

After the woohoo, Brandon fell asleep and Sandy laid in bed with her eyes wide open. She never knew that it could feel that incredible! She looked over at her sleeping boyfriend and decided to try and get some shuteye herself.

She just wondered why she felt a little...odd afterward.

Well, it finally happened: Sandy spun up the want to woohoo Brandon! I guess the Sandy in the family bin is more frisky than the original Sandy. Since then, she's been hungrier and drowsier than usual...hmmmm. A little Alcott/Dillard in the oven maybe? ;) Admittedly, whatever caused the game to mess up made me a little jaded, so there wasn't much dialogue in this one, just narration. Well, that and the Dillard/Alcott clones are kind of boring, lol. They're spicing things up, though!


  1. Did you ever figure out if the culprit was bad CC? There's a program called Custard that helps weed out corrupt CC. Dashboard is good for finding conflicts, too. It could be something as simple as a pattern.

    I'm even cutting out CC patterns from my game now. Anyway, I'm glad to see you started again.

    Brandon must be very alluring for his boss to continue to try to flirt. Hah! She just wants a little sugar!

  2. Thank you Chrysame! I didn't find a program, but I'll definitely try Custard.

    Haha, well, Angelina is kind of a town tramp. She has the Flirty and Inappropriate traits, so I was semi-expecting her to put the moves on him. Unfortunately, I didn't know that she would do it right in front of Sandy! Sandy really did act as if nothing had happened though, which was a relief. I remember in TS2 when cheating was a romantic interaction between two people, even if the romantic interaction was turned down. Now it only seems to be cheating if the person accepts it. Or maybe flirty compliments aren't perceived as flirts..hmm

  3. Flirting seems to be pretty "acceptable", as long as it only stays that. The minute things start getting more intimate (romantic hugs and smooches), prepare for things to be set ablaze. ;)

    Good for Sandy, staking her territory. Some Sims just don't know when to quit, and the best thing is to stay away from them at all costs... But I'm thinking he should be a bit careful around Angelina at work. ^^

    I really like the way the outside of the house looks. Looks like it's shaping up nicely. :)

  4. Go Sandy! Angelina, give up please. It's weird that some sims often sleep with their eyes open. But, then, I knew why she could not sleep. Yay, a baby!

  5. Kaleeko - Thank you! Unfortunately I didn't save the first home they had, so I had to build another one with kaching. But they were only kaching-ing enough to cover how much they earned during that time as well as the relics/gems they found. It was only about 5k, but it got the job done. :)

    MJ - Yeah, it's strange to me as well. I tried to kind of work it into the story anyway because I love that picture, haha! And oh my gosh, I honestly cannot tell you how excited I am for this baby. It's going to change everything.

  6. That picture blended so well with the story. Can't wait to see the look on Brandon's face and how he would reacted when he knew. I always love sims that make a romantic wish soon after their relationship is in a threat. Somehow, their radar work. :D Can't wait for the next update.

  7. Ach! I hate it when that happens. I'd probably cry if I lost something I'd built. It takes me about three days to build a house, these days.

    Oh, and you shouldn't worry about not having any dialogue. I didn't have any in any of my posts until like... 10 posts into my story, and I still don't even have that much. Dialogue doesn't always fit. :D

    Hungry for the next update! (Om nom nom.)

  8. M.J. - Yes, and thank God for that, lol! Any more "worrying about money" and/or bickering and I would have gone crazy.

    Kaleeko - Yeah, I know what you mean. Building a realistic home on a sim-like budget is hard, nowadays. Especially when most of the homes in Saskan Harbour are extremely expensive. :P

    I've been playing a little bit here and there, and tomorrow there will definitely be an update, even if it's just a short little teaser. I've been a bit busy, but I'm going to try and keep up with the consistency. :)

  9. Alright, so I can't get it done tonight as I promised. Well I could, but I don't want to rush through the story and have it seem choppy, you know? I want to give you guys the best I can at the moment. :)

    Therefore, the update won't be posted tonight. It will however, be posted before Wednesday. Thank you all for tuning in and commenting so far, it really inspires me to keep going.

  10. This was cute. ;) Oh goody a little bub on the way. I love sim kids, they are so cute. lol

    Will and Eliza look out! Hahaha

  11. LOL, I can't wait until Will and Eliza have little sim babies of their own!