Tuesday, July 27, 2010

In Possession

****That Same Night*****

There it was. The home that haunted her nightmares, and housed her only enemy. It was all her fault. She works him too hard, she tried to destroy their relationship, and in Sandy's eyes, she was trying to take her family. Over her dead body.

Would Sane Sandy do this? Nooo, she'd let it go. She'd trust her husband and realize that Angie can't be helped. She would never drive up to her house and do Plumbbob knows what. But this isn't Sane Sandy, not. at. all. Crazy Hormonal Sandy is not someone you want to mess with, and Angie is going to learn that the hard way.

She knocked on the door and waited for her to answer. It took awhile, so she assumed that she was freshening up. She was wrong.

"Oh, uh, hello..." she said, shocked at Angelina's attire. It looked awfully similar to Sandy's maternity lingerie, except from less trashy, and hopefully she didn't look like a beached whale in it.

"Hi, nice to see you here. Looking for your husband?" she joked. Sandy didn't laugh, but instead kept the small, fake smile of tolerance on her face. "Angie, if I may call you that, let's keep this civil. Okay?" Shocked that Sandy stood up for herself, she nodded and invited herself in hesitantly.

"So, in case you didn't notice, I'm with child." Sandy began, as if she were talking to an old friend.

"Oh yes, your husband told me that earlier. Congratulations! Good thing, I thought you were gaining. Wouldn't want Brandon to go looking elsewhere..."

That was it.

"Oh, you think you're sooo damn special, don't you? 'Look at *meee*! I can get men even though I'm an obese ***** with fake **** and drag-queen makeup! I can boss your husband around as much as I want, and make him work as late as I want! If he passes out, who the hell cares? Not meee! The whole world of Saskan Harbour revolves around me me me!' Well you know what? YOU KNOW WHAT? YOU'RE NOT THAT DAMN SPECIAL, YOU'RE JUST A ***** AND I WANT YOU TO BACK OFF OF MY HUSBAND!!"

Obviously offended, Angelina scowled and backed away. Cockily, she smiled and asked "And what if I don't?"

For a moment, Sandy paused. She had to think about what to say. Oh, the thoughts and words were coming, but they could all legally condemn her.

She pointed an accusing finger and muttered "You had better pray to simGod you don't have to find out. And if you tell any of this to Brandon, I will hunt. you. down."

And with that, she walked out of her house. A smirk of devilish satisfaction was painted on her face, and her eyes glowed an extremely pale blue. She looked so sinister, she looked absolutely possessed.

Sandy spent the days following that event in complete denial. She felt awful for what she said and did, even if they were things that needed to be said and done. What if the stress of her actions cause her to miscarry, or go into labor early, or worse? That is, if it could get any worse than that.

"Yoo ok Mama?" Kyle asked, obviously concerned about his absent-minded mother. "Oh yes sweetheart I'm fine, Mommy's just thinking."

Angelina must not have said anything since Brandon hasn't attempted to chew her out, in fact, he's been a lot more affectionate since she flipped out on him for "not caring". He's trying really really hard to be a great husband and father. And that's the way it should be.

So, why was Sandy so guilty? She could beat herself up right now. She stood up for her family and for the love of her life, what is there to regret?

All she knew is that she was definitely going crazy, and she wondered if the baby she was carrying might be the reason why...


  1. Update on the pregnancy coming later on this evening. :)

  2. Crazy Hormonal Sandy scares me. O.O

  3. Crazy Hormonal Sandy scares everyone, trust me. She even scares Angie a bit.

  4. I was actually thinking that she was going to do a lot more than yell at her enemy. Crazy hormonal Sandy wasn't quite as bad as I feared. :) Still, it's going to be good for her to have that baby before she does play with fire.

  5. If it weren't for the fact that pregnant sims can't fight, she probably would have done worse. That baby saved Angelina's trampy behind, lol.

    Yeeah, the "play with fire" wish was a no-go for me. I immediately canceled it. Pregnant (and not so pregnant) sims should not be playing with fire. Kind of made me wonder if the baby was going to turn out to be a pyro.

  6. Wow! That is... a wish I have never seen before. Crazy! And even crazier because she's pregnant. Like, what? Hahahaha.

    I'm glad she didn't duke it out too much with Angie, but I really doubt that's their last encounter... Especially now that the baby is born. Woot woot!

  7. Definitely not the last of Angie. She's far too stubborn to give up that easily.

  8. Oh man, she really told Angie off. I love you Sandy!!!

    I never saw that wish before either, even though I've had more than one daredevil.