Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

Continuation of "In Possession"

For the most part, things kind of fixed themselves. Brandon got promoted to Division Manager, and they now have a small fortune in their family funds. After a few more promotions, they'll be able to afford an extension for the house, or maybe even an entire renovation. Plus, Sandy was getting closer and closer to her due date. "Only two days left," she silently cheered to herself.

Sandy finally forgave herself. She admitted that she went a little too far, but what's done is done and she absolutely refused to apologize for protecting her family, one of the most precious things to her. Anya had her baby, and she named her Kiara. Yep, a her! The Saskan Harbour boy curse seems to be over...for now. Hopefully it won't turn into a girl curse instead.

"Kyle, can you say 'Journalism'?" Sandy asked enthusiastically. After careful deliberation that only a toddler could make, he answered with a short and simple "No.". Sandy sighed.

"Don't worry honey, he'll get the hang of it." he said from behind them. He was making his signature autumn salad for the food competition at the Bistro.

I guess stress really was an important factor, because she gave birth later that night, making it two days early. They rushed to the hospital in a mad dash to make sure that they didn't end up late like last time.

And so, little baby Issac Dillard was born. That's right, a boy.

And boy oh boy, this boy comes with a lot of surprises.


  1. Okay, now I want to know what the surprises are.

    That was so cute with the can you say journalism. The answer "no". I think we can all understand that answer Kyle. That's a mighty big word for a toddler. LOL

  2. I'm waiting for the surprises now ;)

  3. Since babies can't do anything "fun" just yet, the surprises might take a bit to shine through. But they're there, trust me. ;)

    LOL, Kyle cracked me up with that one. His favorite words to screech out are "no", "mama", and "dada".

  4. Congrats to little Issac. I can hardly wait to see the surprises.

  5. Neither can I, I gave him some...interesting traits, so it'll be fun to see how they play into the legacy/story/blog later on. :)

  6. I love the shot of Sandy's water breaking, very clever!