Monday, July 26, 2010

A few pregnancy hormones never hurt anyone...

Brandon came home with a stereo that needed fixing by none other than his boss, Angelina. Sandy tried as best as she could to keep her voice low so Kyle wouldn't overhear them.

"Brandon," she whispered with a slight edge to her voice, "What are you doing?!"

"I'm trying to fix Angie's stereo, her ex broke it while they were fighting." he said calmly. He understood why she was upset, but he had no choice.

"Why are you fixing it?"

"Well, what else am I supposed to do with it? What am I supposed to tell my boss when I show up on her doorstep with a broken stereo?"

"Her house?"


Sandy paused for a minute and bit her lip. Angie recently (and mysteriously) moved out of the small home she shared with her sister and into a spacious Victorian-style home closer to them. She wasn't as concerned when she heard that Angie had a man, but now that he's gone, they'd be alone in that house completely unsupervised.

"No," she said firmly in her head. "No, that can't happen."

"...Tell her to go to hell." she whispered spitefully, almost to the point that Brandon couldn't hear her. She then grabbed Kyle and marched to the nursery. "If you want to play ball, Angie, I'll give you a fight."

"Momma?" Kyle whined as she put him in his crib. "No Kyle, Mommy has stuff to do and it's bedtime."
She braced herself for the impending screeching, but he just made a small noise of dejection and stared up at her with those giant blue eyes. She melted instantly.

"Momma, don' weave me..."

Sandy sighed and picked up Kyle. "Sweetie, I could never leave you. I'm your Mommy. And Daddy isn't leaving either, I'll make sure of that. Even if that @#!@ Angelina has to die a fiery death." she swore.

"Momma, yoo say a bad wurd!" Kyle lectured. Sandy just giggled. "Yes Kyle, Mommy's sorry. Mommy's just a little moody right now because she's carrying your little sister. Don't you want a little sister?" Kyle shook his head "no". An additional baby would take away his spotlight, or so he thought.

"I'm uh, I'm gonna go to work now." Brandon said hesitantly, waiting for Sandy to reply. He was moving up the corporate ladder, and he even had a snazzy suit to show it. He's the new Department Head. But all the cash bonuses, insurance perks, and savings in the would could make up for Sandy being angry with him, especially when he didn't know why.

"Yeah okay, bye. Don't let the door hit you on the way out." she retorted coldly.

Her mood could be dismissed as pregnancy hormones, but it was really a mixture of things. Part of it was indeed an effect of the pregnancy, she felt a lot of her moods more intensely and the weight gain, again, lowered her self-esteem. The other part was jealousy, she didn't think that it was fair for Brandon to come closer and closer to achieving his life goal while she was stuck at home cleaning house, parenting, and popping out kids.

Another part was suspicion, which you probably could blame on the pregnancy. Sane Sandy knows that Brandon would never ever cheat on her, especially not with his boss, but Crazy Hormonal Sandy was suspicious of the little stereo "favor", and the sudden promotion, and the distance between the two of them (which was ironically caused by her pregnancy hormones). Her feelings are so irrational that not even she, "The Brain", could decipher them. It was an endless circle.

And boy, was she fed up. She needed some cheering up, and she knew just where to go.

"Good morning Kyle," she cooed. "How are you today? I'm going to go take a shower, but as soon as I'm finished, Mommy's going to put you on the potty, and then I'm going to teach you how to walk!"

"That's a good job, Kyle!" she praised. She's been trying to teach him for awhile now and he's finally gotten the hang of it. Pretty soon she won't need to teach him anymore.

The walking, however. still needed a little work. "Gently, Kyle! Remember, slow and steady wins the race!"

"So, what did you come here for?" Angie said, her voice oozing with seduction. "Um...I came to return your stereo. The one your ex-boyfriend broke."

"Emphasis on the 'ex'." She winked. Brandon seriously did not get it, was she trying to flirt with him again? "Listen, I'm sure you and the rest of the town knows that I'm single again, and I'm getting a little lonely. Maybe we could..."

And then Brandon got the hint.

"No. No. Dear Plumbbob, no! You have it all wrong! I have a wife and I'm about to have two children, I refuse to give them up No offense, ma'am." In reality, Brandon would not have wanted anything more than to just pummel her right there for everyone to see, but not only is she his boss, she's also a woman and there's a stigma against that kind of thing. Word would get out and his reputation would be ruined. Plus, it doesn't help that he's a bit of a pacifist.

"What did you think this was all for? The stereo wasn't even broken! I set it up so I could see you again, that witch Sandy is keeping us apa..."

"You did not just call the mother of my children a witch." he muttered.

That's it. He lost it. He was about to go for a strike to Angie's overly-plump jaw (she could pass for a man anyway), when it happened...

He finally passed out of exhaustion. Angie fled the scene, and someone woke him up.

"Ouch..." he muttered while rubbing the back of his head. "What happened?"

"You were talking to that lady and then you passed out, OMP should I call an ambulance?!" Brandon's vision was still a little hazy, but he could tell it was a teenager by the way she spoke. "No young lady, but thank you. I'm quite alright. I'll just be on my way home."

So Brandon drove home in their beat-up used car, and pretended not to feel the throbbing at the back of his head.

He walked in the house to find Sandy, looking so calm that it was creepy.

"So, a startled teenage girl just called me. Apparently, you passed out at a park while talking to Angie. Explain yourself."


"HOW COULD YOU?" Sandy yelled while storming toward him. They both completely forgot that Kyle was right there, standing behind the counter.

"How could I what?"

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?? Do you know how alarming it is to have some teenager call you on the phone telling you that your husband is on the floor and unresponsive?? Is that all you care about anymore, your job and winning over that ****?"

"San-" he attempted to interject, but his attempt was unsuccessful.

"What about us, Brandon? What about Kyle? What about this baby inside of me? What about me? WHAT ABOUT ME???" Sandy began sobbing hysterically, feeling the urge to rush into his arms and cry on his shoulder. She didn't.

"Sandy, I-"

"No, save it. I've got no time for excuses and lies. I am very disappointed in you, Brandon. I've got to go, I have a meal that I'm entering into the food competition. Watch over Kyle, if you can manage to do so without passing out. Don't let Angie in, if she comes knocking on our door again."

As she stormed out the door, Brandon was left very confused.

And Sandy was left very ticked off. So ticked off, that she might just do something drastic.

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  1. Oh, I hope they will make up soon. It was just a misunderstanding. That Angelina still hasn't understand either. Sandy's maternity dress is lovely. Kyle is cute and I am glad that Brandon has been a loyal husband for Sandy.

  2. Hahaha, many <3's. :)

    I feel sorry for Brandon... Pregnancy hormones are the worst. She's totally overreacting over nothing! But... Well. It happens. Hopefully he understands that.

    I'm curious to see what Sandy does... She better be careful. Getting in a fight with Angie could be dangerous! Especially seeing how Angie still wants to get into Brandon's pants...

  3. Hahaha, Sandy is definitely being irrational. And something tells me that Brandon won't want another if she acts this crazily, lol!

    Thank you, M.J! I got it from All-about-style. I love their stuff. :)

    You'll find out what Sandy is doing tomorrow. ;) You're definitely on the right track though, and a fight wouldn't be good for the baby.

  4. I feel bad for Brandon. The poor guy. I hope he has somewhere in the house he can hide like the garage. *laugh*

    Does Angie think she's sexy? Or more desirable then Sandy? That's one delusional sim!

  5. After that tantrum, I'm beginning to see why he likes work so much. He can hide in his office and not worry about being yelled at for no reason, lol! Poor guy.

    Angie is indeed delusional. I can't believe that she still has the nerve to try and steal Brandon from Sandy.

  6. I fell way behind here. I just read all the ones I missed and caught up.

    Kyle is just adorable. I wouldn't be able to say no to him either.

    Please, please, after Sandy has the baby....let her whip up on Angie. I have known people in real life like her. Man, she's irritating.

    Poor Brandon. He did all the right things and still got his butt chewed.

  7. Kyle is definitely going to be my little heartbreaker, no doubt about it. What I'm wondering is what kind of heartbreaker he'll turn out to be.

    Oh, Angie will get what's coming to her. That's for sure.

    Hahahaha, if he were able all the sympathy he's getting, I bet he'd be a happy sim. For now, he's just an extremely confused one. Not unusual, now that I think about it...

  8. Oh jeez, I hate when couples fight. If you need me I'll be standing awkwardly in the corner, waiting for everything to blow over. >_>

  9. *waves at the corner* The arguing will blow over...eventually...maybe...

    Nah, Sandy and Brandon are argue-central. Makes for good woohoo though. I pity the kids, and I fear they'll turn out slightly maladjusted.

  10. Men stay confused. Even sim men. They can't understand women and it confuses the heck out of them. :)

  11. Okay so I've got a little too much time on my hands atm. So I'm just continuing on my merry way reading your posts. :)

    Sandy needs to cool it. Wasn't she the one who wanted to have another child?
    Silly girl.

    Angelina is unbelievable. lol I think she needs to find a new hobby.