Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Mania

Sandy returned to her normal state of sanity soon after she and Brandon discovered she was with child. She'd often stand in a corner idly while massaging her stomach, or she'd spend time with Anya. Anya was the closest contact to her since she's right next door, but she still keeps in touch with her sweatpants brigade via phone.

Meanwhile, Brandon drove himself crazy with things like housework when he wasn't busy working to make sure that Sandy got enough rest. That wouldn't be so hard if it weren't for the fact that Kyle cries every five seconds and appliances keep breaking left and right. No wonder she almost lost it!

Anya's belly has begun to show signs of pregnancy, and the roundness of her belly was emphasized by her brand-new jumpsuit.

"Aww, I still can't believe you're pregnant. Where did you get that jumpsuit? It's darling!"

"Thanks! I got it from all about style, that little boutique down the street. Somehow the hubby missed it." she grinned. "And you, you look marvelous! Let me guess, you guys were successful?"

"Yep, I'll be due six days from now." she beamed. "And Kyle is growing up so quickly, he'll be having a birthday in less than a day. I still can't believe it! I feel so old..."

"Psh, imagine how I feel! I'm a few days away from 39 days and I'm just now having a baby. By the time our baby is a teenager, we'll have gray hairs." she joked.

The next day, Kyle's birthday party commenced. The guests all had a great time, and Angelina didn't crash this time. Thank Plumbbob for that, too. Sandy may be sane now, but there's no guaranteeing that pregnancy hormones won't make her lose it...especially in the presence of who she affectionately calls "that skank who tried to steal my husband".

Kyle turned out more like his mother than either one of them expected, and even though Brandon would never say it to her face, he even behaved just like his mother used to. Except even needier.

"DADAAAAAA!!!" Kyle screeched.

"Um...Sandy? A little help here?"

But hey, who can resist that face? It's impossible to scold him without looking into those large, sky blue eyes and feeling instant remorse. If he wanted to, Kyle could skate by very easily on his innocence.

And even at his extremely young age, he knew it.


  1. I have to agree, Kyle is adorable. Watch out, Boyo, one day someone will come along who won't be swayed by those big blue eyes.

    I bet Brandon will make number two baby the last baby. Heehee. He certainly looks a little frazzled and frustrated.

    Kyle is so cute you know the next baby will be, too. I hope it's a girl.

  2. Oh wow, Kyle is too cute! ♥

  3. Chrysame - Ahahaha, right now, he thinks the world is in the palm of his hands. I just hope that will be a phase he'll grow out of with time, or else Kyle will land himself in a world of trouble by the time he hits YA.

    Ahahaha, I think the same, lol! I can't have two crazy sims, that would be chaos. Sandy will just have to redirect all of her maternal energy into something else. I can tell that she hates parenting but she loves being pregnant, something tells me she likes the attention. ;)

    I'm hoping for a little girl Dillard. All the women in SH are currently pregnant with girls and some might have multiples, I made sure of that with the master controller. I need to even out the boy to girl ratio. Right now, I'm going to leave it up to chance as to whether or not Sandy will pop out a girl. She does want a little girl though, and I can't wait to see her. I didn't know that their babies would turn out so darn adorable! <3

    Umi - I know right? I've taken to just following the new toddlers around and snapping pictures. Gen 1 seems to have the cuteness bug so far, and it's spreading from household to household. :D

  4. bad news: stomach bug has returned and now I'm camping out in my bathroom.

    good news: before the intestinal issues kicked in, I got the next two days worth of updates done. :D

  5. Feel better Cheezy!

  6. kyle is a cutie. and i love their maternity clothes

  7. Thank you Umi! I thought I had it under control, and then it just came back and bit me.

    Marty - Me too! I love it when my pregnant sims have a little variety. :)

  8. Oh Kylie is so cute. That was a great shot of him in the crib. ;)

    Anya pregnant, this will be interesting since she was so anit-children. lol

    So you can use that jumpsuit as a pregnancy outfit? Cool. I love that website, the some awesome stuff.