Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alcott Is the New Dillard

Life continued as usual for Sandy and Brandon. Sandy gained a bit of weight due to the pregnancy, which left her a bit unhappy. Brandon hardly noticed however, he was always hard at work trying to get more funds for the baby's nursery.

They were both awakened the next morning by Sandy's sudden moaning, complaining of a sharp pain near her stomach, like a cramp. Brandon kept a cool exterior and told Sandy to try using the bathroom, but inside he was panicking. Thankfully, everything turned out alright and she turned out fine. She just needed to use the bathroom, is all.

Yes, Sandy's pregnancy was going well indeed. Sure she had the weight gain, the odd cramps, and the cravings, but she still loved every second of being pregnant. That is, when she wasn't hovering over a toilet bowl.

Brandon, being ever so observant, noticed that Sandy was a bit stressed from being stuck at home for so long. He offered to clean the house while Sandy went out with her friend Anya for a day of relaxation and socialization.

Sandy and Anya made their way to the bistro, because Sandy was starving and Anya loves any excuse to dress up. "So, how's married life treating you?" she begun.
"Pretty well I guess, I can't complain." Anya said nonchalantly, but the smile on her face showed that she was rather happy being married.

"Any thoughts of kids?"

"Well," she stammered, trying not to gag on her waffles. "Well see, we just got married and I still have my career...babies are on hold. They're there in the future, but not in the now. So uh...speaking of children,how's pregnancy?"

She frowned a little bit, remembering how flirty Anya can be and thinking of how unsuspecting her husband Allen must be. However, she perked up at the opportunity to tell her newly wedded friend the joys of pregnancy. "It's delightful", Sandy beamed. "It's absolutely delightful. I can feel it moving sometimes."
"Is that even possible? I mean, it's only a few months old..."
"Oh yes, it's possible. Believe me."

"So...have you two thought about making it official now that a baby is on the way?"
"Make what official?" Sandy giggled. "Brandon's so busy with work, he probably thinks we're already married. He certainly treats me like his wife, for better or for worse.
"For worse?" Anya inquired.
"Yeah, you know, he nags me a lot. 'Sandy, you should do this. Sandy, you shouldn't do that. Sandy, grow up. Sandy, you missed a spot.'" she said in a mocking tone. Anya just laughed. "So he's like a wife, then?"
"Yes, exactly like a wife, but with all the fun parts of a husband." she joked

Meanwhile, Brandon was busy at the house trying to get everything in order for his surprise.

"Oh Plumbbob, this stench is awful!" he groaned, while removing the spoiled macaroni and cheese from the fridge. He'd probably have to give it a good scrub-down before making the salad.

When Sandy walked into the kitchen, she was shocked. All the lights were turned off except from a few candles, and the food was already prepared.

"Sweetie...what are you up to?" she giggled excitedly while looking around "Oh, you'll see." he whispered. He pulled her in for a tender kiss.

"So, how was your 'date' with Anya?" Brandon joked. Sandy laughed one of her usual laughs, although with a bit more joy in her voice.
"It was nice, we talked a little bit about our lives. Did you know that she doesn't want kids? She said 'not at the moment', but I can totally tell she doesn't want kids. They're such blessings, I don't know why she doesn't want them."
"Isn't she a commitment-phobe?" he joked again "Psh, no! Just...'overly flirtatious', that's all. What Allen doesn't know won't kill him."
"Speaking of Allen, did you hear he got a job in the military?"
Sandy gasped. "Oh my Plumbbob, really? Poor Anya, I wonder if she knew."

They continued to gossip until the sun went down, then Brandon coaxed her into the living room. Lots of romancing ensued. After buttering her up a bit, he fumbled around his pants pockets to look for a box.

He shakily got down on one knee and proposed to the mother of his future child. She gasped as he opened the box and revealed a sparkling diamond ring.

"Sandy, you were my first love, and I want you to be my last love. Please marry me. I've been wanting to do this for awhile now but I haven't been sure, and I wanted to save up and get you something expensive. Now that you're pregnant and all, I just kind of figured that now would be a great time and-"
"Ohmyplumbbob SHUT! UP!" she squealed. "YES YES I'LL MARRY YOU!!!"

Content with her answer, he put the ring he worked so hard to earn on the finger of his one and only love. Sandy Alcott was soon to be Sandy Dillard, and she couldn't be happier.

For the Dillard couple, the couple that people used to say would never last, this was a remarkable milestone for them. It doesn't get much better than this.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" she questioned. Brandon nodded his head. "Yes, I'm absolutely sure. I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life."

Of course, Angelina being oh so appropriate, decided to cut through the wedding to "compliment" Brandon's appearance.

"Angelina, will you ever stop? On my wedding day no less! If you're not going to behave decently, you might as well get out right now."

And so, much to Angelina's disdain, Sandy and Brandon Dillard became a married couple.

Okay so it's 5AM here, I'm sick, and I can't sleep, therefore, I'm finally cranking out updates! Organizing the proposal was fun to do, I got to check up on all my sims and the game-spawned townies that Twallan's mod hitched them to. No pictures, but so far everyone's either enjoying married life, enjoying married life while pregnant, or not married and just skilling all over the place while unsuccessfully trying to advance in their chosen careers without my help, lol! Anya married a cutie, here's Allen after a makeover:

For some reason Anya arrived to the wedding party and then left immediately afterward, Allen stayed though. As I was saying before I wandered off topic a bit, the wedding was a pain to go through with. If I weren't such a sap, they would have just had a private wedding. And damnit, Angelina makes me so pissed!! Sure I created her, but sometimes I just want to kill her off already. She actually interrupted the exchanging of rings to try and flirt with Brandon one last time, I don't know how many times he's turned her down now, and it's always in front of Sandy. Always. She just nods her head and pretends that her husband isn't being hit on by a tramp. Tsk tsk, sims...

By the way, just in case anyone was worried about Brandon potentially straying away from Sandy because of the whole Angelina thing, worry not. I have a feeling he only has eyes for one woman. Or sim. Or sim woman.

By the way, things on my blog might change a little bit. I love how organized everyone else's blogs are, and Kaleeko's family tree and blog has gotten me in the mood for some "spring cleaning", Blogger style. I think I'll follow the master and use the Family Echo program to get a head start on their family tree, and I'm definitely using the chart. Thanks, Kaleeko! See, this is one of the things I love so much about sim communities, we all learn so much from each other. :)


  1. Hahaha, awwwww. *blushes* I just have way, way too much time on my hands these days, so all the little tidbits come out of moments of boredom. I'm glad that you find it helpful, though! Anything I can do to help others with their own stories. :D

    And I feel ya, about writing at 5am -- I'm an insomniac, so most of my posts are written in the wee hours. Sometimes it's easier to write at night anyways, though.. less distractions.

    Anywhosits -- lovely post! I'm so glad that they finally decided to get married. Not a big wedding, but it doesn't have to be fancy shmacy to make it a happy occasion. Stupid Angelina, though. What a pain in the patootie!

    It's really sweet how Brandon set out candles and everything before proposing, too. So sweet!

    Next stop, parenthood! Let's see if Brandon and Sandy are ready for that adventure, haha. ^^

  2. LOL, that Angelina is too much trouble! I mean showing up to someone else's wedding wearing white AND trying to flirt with the groom?! *tut* *tut* *tut*

  3. Thanks you guys!

    Kaleeko- Definitely, sometimes I crank out my best work at night when undisturbed...just not at 5am, hahaaha!

    The wedding was chaos; people got stuck everywhere, Angelina showed up uninvited and ruined everything, plus she refused to watch the wedding. The entire time, I was just staring at her in disbelief. I need to get Angie a man, methinks.

    Anyway, the memory of the wedding is lovely. :) That's all that really matters...*cough*

    Hahaha, something tells me that on the surface, they definitely aren't ready. Brandon is anxious to advance and Sandy is spending money left and right on the salon, bistro, food, etc. Other than that, they're definitely ready. :)

    Umi- My thoughts exactly! I was so shocked, I said it was a formal event and she shows up in her day clothes! I wonder if I made her insane as well as inappropriate...

  4. This is a great update. I love the way you told the story of their engagement and wedding. I also love the look Sandy is giving Angelina when she interrupted their wedding.

  5. Thank you! :) Hahaha, I loved that look too. Something tells me that Angie is now skating on very thin ice.

  6. Definitely get Angie a man. Sheesh.

    Sorry you've been sick. Stuff is going around here, too. Yuck.

    I for one am glad you used your time to update. Now, get better!

  7. Maybe Sandy can borrow Marta's wrench. Wave it around in front of Angelina the next time she acts up.

    I do hope you feel better soon. I've been sick for a couple of weeks now. I'm almost well but still have a cough and very low energy. Whatever is going around seems to be going around the country.

  8. Chrysame - I'm slowly getting better, but no illness can tear me from my sims. It only brings me closer. ;)

    Dee - Hahahaha, that would be a fantastic idea! Angie is no match for Marta's trusty wrench.

    I think I have some sort of stomach bug, but it's definitely getting better.

  9. Ooh, those stomach bugs are awful. I think I'd prefer what I've had if I had to choose.

  10. *sends Cheezy chicken soup and a warm blanket*

  11. Aww, thank you Chrysame. :) I've got the game up right now, so there will be an update soon!

  12. Great update. Wedding chaos, painful to play but fun to read after. Angie does need something, a man, a hobby, a session with a wrench...

    Love how much trouble Brendon went to before the proposal. So sweet.

    Next please.

  13. Thanks! Today while playing, I noticed that Angie somehow sneaked into their house. While Sandy was out of the house. So it was Angie and Brandon in there alone. Needless to say, Sandy yelled at her and I finally just kicked her out of her sister's house. So she's still in town somewhere, but she hasn't been back over recently. I think she learned her lesson. ;)

  14. Aww, Brandon is such a sweetie wooing her with a candle lit dinner and then proposing.
    Sandy looked lovely too for a pregnant bride. :)

    And I agree that Angelina is very annoying!

    I think Allen looks cute as well.