Friday, July 23, 2010

A Baby For Your Thoughts?

After the wedding, not much else eventful happened. Brandon continued to work his butt off, and Sandy tried to find things to do while on maternity leave. Being stuck at home all day is rather draining. She often wandered next door over to Anya's house, who will undoubtedly be the doting auntie the child will need.

Sandy's tummy was growing pretty steadily, pretty soon she'll be in her third trimester. She couldn't wait to see the baby's chubby face and beautiful eyes, and neither could the people around her.

"Hi there little guy-"
"Or girl," Sandy gently reminded her. Anya nodded her head and added "Or girl. How are you doing in there? Are you going to come out soon?"
"I hope so," she moaned. Anya smirked. "So, pregnancy isn't as wonderful as you said it was?"

"Oh no it's delightful as I said, but the maternity leave is what's really getting to me! It's far too long, I should be able to work if I want to. Besides, I get sick of staying home all the time."

Before leaving, Sandy chatted with Anya and Allen. They're both so sweet together, she was happy that Anya finally settled down. And in Sandy's mind, it was about damn time too; her youth and fertility is starting to slip away as she enters her mid thirties. But when she found out that Allen was a hopeless romantic, it definitely explained why he married her. For all she knew, Anya could still be flirting with her old toys while Allen obliviously looks the other way.

She spent the rest of the day at a mommy-to-be/new mom gathering with Desiree, Allison, and Alejandra. Everyone was focused on little Andrew, Alejandra Chung's child. When she met up with the ladies, she realized that she was in a sea of sweatpants. Since she wasn't that far along, Sandy could still squeeze into her "fat jeans". "Is this what motherhood is really like?" she thought to herself.

Out of all the mothers, she bonded with Desiree and Alejandra the most. She stayed behind to gush about her son.

"Oh my Plumbbob, he's adorable!" Alejandra took the compliment with the recognizable pride of a new parent. "I know, right? I bet he'll take after his father. Do you know what sex the baby is?" "No, not yet, we want it to be a surprise. We're painting our nursery blue, it's a pretty neutral color. Plus, Brandon didn't want my love of pink exploding into the room." she chuckled.
"Is Brandon your husband?"
"Yep! We've been officially wedded as of three weeks ago." she beamed
"Oh, congratulations! I wish you two a lifetime of bliss."

The rest of the second trimester and even the third were a blur. Before they knew it, they were soon faced with a very impatient Sandy going into labor in the wee hours of the morning. She didn't even notice until she felt a wet feeling between her legs. Her water broke.

"Brandon!! BRANDON!!!" she screeched. "MY WATER BROKE, I THINK I'M IN LABOR!!!"
"What? I can't hear you over the shower! I'm trying to fix the showerhead, I'll be right there..." he called back from the bathroom.
"NO YOU #@!#!@!, I'M IN #!@!@! LABOR NOW GET YOUR #!#@!!@!@ @!@!#!@ IN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" Sandy screamed. Thankfully, he heard her that time...and all her foul language.

By the time they arrived to the hospital, the baby was already about to arrive. Needless to say, they didn't spend a lot of waiting time in the delivery room.

Their son has Sandy's slight tan, but is already starting to take after his father. He's got the eye color, and is a light sleeper just like him. He's definitely a daddy's boy.

Welcome to the world, Kyle Dillard. Saskan Harbour welcomes you with open arms.

Whew! Lots of babies in Saskan Harbour this generation. Desiree had a son named Andrew, Amy had a daughter named Malissa, Alejandra had a son named Andrew (originally Carmen but I changed it and now I'll have to change it again), and Marqui had a son named Charles. To go ahead and see their family trees, click the links.

Right now, the town seems to be boy-central in terms of offspring. Poor Kyle, if he turns out straight, he'll have to choose between dating older women or settling for game-spawned NPCs and townies. Oh well, at least a girl would have a nice time looking, that is, if they have a girl. Also, here is Brandon and Sandy's family tree. I can't wait to watch it grow as the generations go on.


  1. I swear, sometimes, when a baby boom happens, everyone has the same sex of baby... But it's probably just my imagination. :) Twallan's SP does a pretty good job of keeping my town in balance in that regard.

    Aww, Sandy... I bet she'll realize how lucky she is to be a mom soon. There's nothing wrong with sweatpants!

    Not sure that Brandon could've gotten her to the hospital fast enough, either! lol

  2. Yeah, I noticed the same. It's a bit puzzling. The oddest part is that I currently have Twallan's SP (the latest one), and yet it does the same thing. Hmm...

    The funny thing is, she was so excited to have the baby until she met up with other expecting mothers and a mother that already had her baby. Then reality kind of hit her. I could see that in her little simmish head, she was thinking "...oh. So that's what it's like."

    lol, Brandon pretty much ignored her screams (and so did I admittedly) until he went into the bedroom to go to bed. That's when we realized that she was in labor. Usually my sims are a lot louder when they're in labor and the camera zooms toward them. I kind of felt bad for not realizing it, ahahaha!

  3. Hmm. Well, random chance can certainly yield interesting results. :)

    Well, I don't blame Sandy for feeling that way. I can only imagine how motherhood feels for the first time... But, at least she knows she's not the only one going through it. The "Sweatpant Club" is there for her! Haha.

    I swear, lately, the game has been awful about letting me know about when pregnancies are happening. Maybe they changed something, or a Twallan mod overrides the automatic zoom. I don't particularly mind, though. There's always plenty of time to get to the hospital.

  4. Yep. :) I'm just hoping the next baby boom will be relatively soon and include a nice amount of boys and girls.

    Haha, yep! And she can organize playdates when she needs to get out of the house and socialize. Goodness knows she'll have more than enough vacation time, she has 11 days of paid vacation left because of the pregnancy mod I downloaded.

    That makes me feel a bit better about my neglectfulness. That's another odd thing, the baby came pretty quickly. I'd say that it took about 30 sim minutes to get to the hospital and as soon as she got in there, the popup came up asking what I wanted to name him. I'm just going to assume that Kyle is an impatient little tyke. ;)

  5. Welcome Kyle! I can't wait to see more babies, I love huge family trees. :)

  6. Me too :) In TS2, I always made my sims breed like rabbits in hopes that they'd overshadow the pre-mades, townies, and NPCs.

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  8. Yeah congrats to the happy couple! :)