Thursday, November 26, 2009

Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand...

Whatever happens, don't let go of my hand...
Generation 1

After landing a promotion to Bed Pan Cleaner, Helena purchased an easel. She always wanted to take up painting as a kid, but her parents placed her primary focus on schooling and logistics. Not that that was bad, but Helena wanted to unwind every once in awhile, and painting was the perfect way to do it.

She had the next two days off, so she spent it wandering about town. She noticed a protest on the illegal use of unicorns, and quickly took part in it along with local residents Emily Martin, Erin McCoy, Jon Marsh, Shannon Spraque, Tammy Leman, and Christopher Lantin.

And a very pregnant Jane Dotner-Dugan (Tristan Dotner-Dugan's new bride) was also at the protest.

Helena got impatient with the whole "scouting for mates" thing, and decided to make an unnecessary call to the fire department in efforts to find a suitable male. Needless to say, Isidro Toth was not impressed.

He seems to have good genes, though, so Mr. Poutyface will have to get over it. He's already doomed far beyond what a $500 fine can fix.

In fact, Isidro and Helena had their first date a few hours after he reprimanded her. I guess those Flirty and Friendly traits really come in handy. ;)
(oh, and they both share the Hot-Headed trait. So it's officially decided that the family trait will be "hot headed")

And right after she flirted with him, he began to yell at her. I can already see what this relationship will be like, and I have a feeling it will be very intense. Poor kids.
Thankfully, all she needed was a flirty joke and a pickup line, and he pretty much stopped yelling at her.

...for two simhours. Then he started yelling again.
And here I thought Helena was temperamental.

And once again, all Helena needed to do was flirt and apologize. The next time he pulls that, I'm not having her apologize. Instead, I'm going to have her yell back. Helena's no pushover, and she only stays "calm" for so long before she erupts.

*sigh* and speaking of the next time...

And basically, I didn't take any more photos of the date because it got overly repetitive. Apologize, flirt, yell, repeat. This relationship would be so much easier to build by phone. I would give up entirely, but she's got a bit of a crush on him. And I'm pretty sure he feels the same. They'll just be one of those..."passionate" couples.

She invited him over the next day for a nice, quiet, civilized game of chess.

And finally, they stopped yelling at each other long enough to become friends, and then romantic interests.

And then they shared their first kiss, which made up for all those times he rejected her before. What a bittersweet way to end your weekend off from work. Early on that morning, she convinced him to move in. So hopefully, the hard part is taken care of.

Name: Isidro Toth
Age: YA (older than Helena)
Traits: Lucky, Hot-Headed, Clumsy, Handy, Brave
Favorite Music/Food/Color: Kids/Cheesesteak/Purple
Career in: Law Enforcement (previously firefighter)

Helena came home from work (still a bedpan cleaner) and checked on the Dotner-Dugan household. Jane and Tristan have recently had a little boy named Troy, who is the second baby ever to have been born in Crescent Valley.

I have a feeling Troy is going to break a lot of hearts.


Okay, so, thanks to Twallan's Story Progression Mod, I am able to know what goes on in your sims' lives without having to actually play them. Which is great, since I don't really have the time to play them right now, but I love having them around. It gives the town some humor. :)
So far, Tristan is the only sim (a part from my sim Emily Martin-Lu, who got married and had a baby boy named Brandon) who has actually gotten married and had a child, haha! And he was also promoted. To what, I'm not sure, since the message disappeared before I had time to write it down. I'm pretty sure it's either level 2, 3, or 4 of the Criminal Career. As for all the other sims, they've been flip-flopping between lovers and romantic interests, especially Jon Marsh and George Lessen, lol! Tammy landed herself a serious beau, apparently, but I never know since like I said, they flip-flop. Nothing is really set in stone until they have their significant other move in, or they get married to them. Tammy was demoted, and Shannon is the only one who seems to be slacking in both her career and her love life, poor girl! She's still a dishwasher, and according to my mod, has no romantic interests to speak of right now. And Alicia had better watch out, because I'm noticing Casanova traits in Jon. Alicia Longshore and Jon Marsh are currently romantically involved.

Oh, and I'm sure you guys will be pleased to hear that Tristan and George have made some adversaries. George is enemies with Isidro mainly, but Tristan is basically on everyone's hit list with the exception of Isidro, Helena, Emily, and some other sims. It appears Tristan prefers to pick on NPC's rather than player-made sims.


  1. Ha! I like all the flip-flopping. It's like they're playing the field until they figure out who is really the one for them. Shannon better get the lead out or she'll be a very lonely dishwasher.

    Hot headed is going to be a difficult and interesting family trait. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works out.

  2. Oh, you'll get some drama with the hot-headed trait! In my abandoned legacy, my founder was hot-headed. His wife tried to talk about something he didn't like and he immediately rolled the want to break up with her! LOL.

  3. Very interesting.

    "so Mr. Poutyface will have to get over it. He's already doomed far beyond what a $500 fine can fix."
    Oh that it sooo funny.I can see it now. You got me whether you like it or not.

    I have played Alicia Longshore and Jon Marsh as a couple before. They had twins. I was fairly new to the game and was flipping out. Those twins taught me a lot about what I could get away with in this game.

  4. Yeah, the flip-flopping is pretty cool. Just a little confusing though, lol! I write down what sim they are seeing, and then the next thing I know they're deciding to move on and see some other sim! It's good though, and very realistic. :)

    It's hilarious, because I had a Workaholic sim who was my first Hot-Headed sim in the game, and she didn't have the Friendly trait. Strangely enough, she didn't act anything like Helena and Isidro, lol! That's a really fun aspect of the game. Even when you give sims the same trait, you still never know how exactly they are going to utilize that trait.

    Apparently, Jon and Alicia are meant to be no matter who's game it is, lol! I'm going to play Alicia/Jon's house for a bit, and see if they want to take it a step further than "romantic interests". I want to see if they get twins. :)

  5. Jon was a good dad as long as he wasn't painting. If he was painting, he seemed to forget everything else.
    They both love the guitar.
    Thanks for adding them to your game. I've always had a lot of fun with both of them.

  6. Wow. That's going to be one tumultuous relationship!

    Isn't that a fun mod? Did you know that when you get one of those popups about other sims, you can click (or it might be right-click) on the picture it shows of them, and the camera will zoom in on them, wherever they are? I find that very helpful when I'm spying.

  7. Sounds like a great mod. When they iron out the kinks with WA and mods maybe I'll try it!

  8. The couple will be interesting and so much fun to play. I have one my self, lol. The relationship will be hard to handle, but will be much more interesting. By the way, I like Twallan's story progression too..