Wednesday, January 13, 2010

An Apology, and A Side Project

I'm sorry it's been so long since my last update! RL happened (when does it not?) and 2009 was not a pleasant year for me. But now, I'm recharged and refreshed for 2010, and soon, this blog will be too! I'm thinking about maybe changing the template on this blog, since I feel this one's too complicated, and I'll probably switch to something more basic with the same kind of theme (magazine-like). And also, I'm going to be attempting to use the CAW tool!

Before installing the tool, I am backing up my game, temporarily removing my hacks, and updating my game. That way, if anything goes wrong, I'll (hopefully) be in the clear.
And instead of blogging about CAW on a different blog, I'm going to blog about my progress on this blog, because I feel that I have too many blogs as it is. I will update you guys on my progress, and I'll be starting back up on that legacy soon! :)


  1. Welcome back. Good to see ya.

  2. Welcome back! Here's to a wonderful 2010!

  3. Thanks guys, and amen to that! Lol!
    So far, so good. I just hope I keep up the lucky streak for the remainder of the year...