Monday, November 23, 2009

Everything's Just Wonderful

Everything's Just Wonderful
Generation 1, Chapter 1

This isn't entirely what Helena had in mind when moving to Crescent Hills. I mean, even her parents had walls when they first started out! All she gets is a dinky brick wall. She knew that if she was going to get anything better, she was going to have to work hard, be frugal, and be on the prowl for a future spouse. But before any of that could happen, she needed a job.

She applied as an organ donor for the County General Hospital, and she started immediately. Her ambition did not betray her, since she got a nice boost in her job performance score on the first day. Not enough to promote her, but definitely enough so that tomorrow she can slack off without worrying about jeopardizing her promotion.

She met her boss Ms. Tammy Leman, and they got along very well. Making nice with the boss is definitely helpful in getting that next promotion.

Helena explored the Town Square for a bit and met a local author and relationship counselor, Emily Martin. Here, she is expressing her writer's block in hopes that Helena could somehow break the block for her.

While she was wandering, Helena came across a lovely and historic park named McDougal Park. It was filled with all sorts of goodies and rare plants, like, for instance, money trees. Of course, not being the green-thumb type, Helena had no use for these items. She had no choice but to sell them.

That doesn't mean they were entirely worthless, of course. Those rare plants paid for her most recent upgrades. Helena won't be visiting McDougal Park again (she felt dishonest for selling goods that weren't hers), but she will most definitely enjoy the luxuries those Life and Money plants gave her.

Luxury indeed.


So I felt really bad for waiting this long to give you guys an update, so while I was expecting to play more later and fit more in, I decided to use the photos I already have and give you guys an update.

McDougal Park was not made by me, but instead a very talented user on ModtheSims. I did not know that park had so many valuable plants, lol! I thought it only had the apple trees and the lime trees. But it had life plants, hamburger plants, lettuce plants, flame fruits, money trees...the works! It even had a death flower, which apparently, cannot be sold. I didn't realize it until it was too late, and I felt really guilty about it. So, I don't quite know how to penalize myself, lol. Maybe I'll just let it slide THIS time. :)

I've decided that every update will have the name of a song/phrase that is related to the update somehow, whether it be the complete opposite of the chapter, or very similar. I still haven't decided on the family trait quite yet.

Thanks for reading!


  1. Well, I commented last night and it isn't showing up.
    Your story looks great. One of these days I'll have to start a sim out without anything and have them work their way up. I have started with the bare essentials before but never without a house.
    Glad she found that park. Now she has some nice things.

  2. I now know I forgot to stick around and type in the word verification again.

  3. Yeah, after the initial guilt, I was pretty happy she found it as well. And that Life Fruit came in handy. And it wasn't cheating, because I had no other choice. Apparently, you can't sell it.

    I'll go ahead and turn off the word verification. I think it'll be easier that way. :)

  4. Thank you. I am forever forgetting to wait for the word verification.
    I'm going to mention to PiB about Tammy being in your game. She'll love it.

  5. Is having a nice park with all the harvestables really cheating? I use Mumsy's park in every game. It has everything. Well, everything except Omni plants and the new plants from WA.

    It's a nice resource when I don't want to spend the money on groceries. Or when my sim is so poor that without a harvest from a money tree the repo man will be making a visit.

    But, then I don't play a legacy and I'm not sure of all the rules.

    It's nice to see Tammy Leman. I almost always use her in my games. She's a sweetie.

  6. Is that what happened to me? I thought I'd left a few comments but they didn't get saved properly. :( Drat.

    Thanks for putting Tammy in the neighborhood. It's great to see her doing well in other people's games.

    I like the idea of a park with valuable harvestables. :) But I don't do legacy games so I don't know if that's considered a cheat.

    Good update, keep it up.

  7. I have never played a legacy either. I have a problem with rules. I tend to break the rules, even my own. About the only rules I abide by are the ones that could put me in jail in real life.:D

  8. I'm actually not quite sure if it's a rulebreaker or not, lol. I'm not really doing a traditional legacy. I'm kind of making it up as I go along. :)
    The "park of goodies" has been officially bulldozed, because even though it may or may not be cheating, I still felt a wee bit guilty since it brought in somewhere around 7,000 and 10,000 simoleans, which isn't really an honest start since she didn't grow them herself.

    @PiB, Tammy is awesome in the game. She's a sweetheart. I don't think my sim could have asked for a better boss, lol.
    @Chrysame, thank you for the present! My sims will definitely be using that halter in the future, lol.
    @Dee, I can pretty much say the same for me. That's why this pseudo-legacy is going to be quite the cahllenge for me, haha! :)

  9. I knew this was a legacy when I saw the furniture on the lawn! Your founder is doing a lot better than mine so far. Poor guy, he finally found a wife and she was a penniless clepto! Anyway, I'm looking forward to following this now that I've found it!

  10. Ahahaha! Aw, poor guy. It appears he got jipped! And as for future updates of this legacy, my game ate it so updates will be up as soon as I'm done with the actual Crescent Hills. I tried to use an emptied-out Riverview but it just wasn't the same, you know? I'm trying not to cheat now and make the actual thing, lol. :)