Saturday, October 29, 2011

In Conclusion

Once again, my game has K.O.-ed and I'm not quite sure I can continue with the story. I have most of the characters in my Saved Sims bin, completely cc-free, but that's not the problem. The problem is, I've lost the enthusiasm to write the story; and when that happens, re-creating the sims and the environment just isn't all that appealing.

But instead of leaving you all on a hanger, I decided to sum up the plot(s) to each story:

Ella and Eric continue to have frequent conflicts, but otherwise end up being a "perfect" couple. They get married and shortly discover a bouncing baby girl in their future. They named her Blondie.

Christy successfully released the story, after bribing Mark for more information about the Pinciottis. Mark's girlfriend Colette was pregnant with their child, and Mark didn't have a penny to his name after bad business decisions.

After reading Christy's story, Bonnie has a major meltdown. Kevin runs to the Pinciotti mansion to check up on her, and consoles her as best as he can. Shortly after the story is released, Bonnie watched her beloved uncle (and Mayor) be assassinated during a speech at a festival. Bonnie's father, Jack, orchestrated the assassination (unbeknownst to her).

After all the tragedy around her, Bonnie succumbed to a juice/drink/nectar addiction and woefully agreed to become a part of the "family business".

Kevin divorced his wife Christy after the release of the book, and took their daughter with him.

Michele continues to fall in "love" with Luke as the filming of the movie begins to wrap up. After being back home with Alex for almost a year, she began to remember why she loved him and that she didn't truly feel anything for Luke but was caught in the moment. However, a paparazzi decided to release the photo of Luke and Michele kissing for the entire world to see. Michele loses Alex and sinks into a depression. The pressures of fame became too much for her and she began refusing to leave the house like a hermit.

Bonnie continues to see Kevin, but not as a therapist. They slowly begin to fall for one another. Kevin is completely unaware that Bonnie is involved with illegal doings in the family, and Bonnie is completely unaware that Kevin was the one who accidentally tipped Christy off to the secret illness in their family.

You can check out Christy's story here.

You may again see these characters, but for now, they are retired. I do sincerely appreciate each and every reader, which is why I wanted to post this. Unlike previous abrupt endings to my stories, at least now there's a conclusion. :)


  1. Poor Cheezy, so sorry to hear that your save went belly up. I think more of the blogs I read stop because the game stopped working or the save gets corrupted then because they finished the story. :(

    Nice to see that you had a road map and knew where you wanted to go.

  2. Thanks, PiB. :)

    I think the scariest part is, I don't miss them much. I mean sure, I have them in my sims bin, but I just don't feel attached to their story anymore.

    Who knows, maybe they'll get a new one...;)

    The Amatus save file was affected as well, so I'll have to reconstruct that environment. At least I feel some attachment to them, though

  3. D: Sometimes I want to stab sims in the head when it fails on me...I feel where you're coming from though, as I have to redo soo much 'cause I accidentally deleted my screenshots (OH WOE IS ME!), and now my game just shuts off randomly :(.

    I am totally with you on this one. I would do the same thing, and, if you decide to come back...let's just say... :D.

    But don't get me wrong, I AM TOTALLY GONNA MISS THIS STORY, even though I haven't been here long. I'm real glad you posted what was going to happen or else I'd be chewing my fingernails for the rest of eternity wondering what'll happen.

    Hope to see something from you soon :3

  4. Thanks, Hypnographkitty. I appreciate it. :) Because I never can say goodbye, you'll probably see them (or their descendants) again...but in a different format, maybe.

    *innocent whistling*

  5. Sorry to hear about your conclusion. I am just catching up on blogs after being away for a bit. I had a similar thing happen . . . no wonder mods have warning signs them . . . ;) hope to see you back soon with new stories.

  6. Thanks, Mrs. Stuffy. I'm looking forward to some more stories of yours as well! :)