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Steal Your Heart

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Song Title: Steal Your Heart by Augustana
Content Warning: strong language, some sensuality


 "And so, we meet again." Kevin chuckled, although his face soon returned to its usual stoic expression. "What shall we discuss today, Ms. Pinciotti?"

Bonnie had thought over her next question very carefully, unsure of how to say it. She's been preparing for this moment for the past two weeks; cooperating with the nurses, listening to the doctors, and actively participating in therapy. She really did want to get better, even if it meant forcing - or faking - full recovery. Surprisingly, it worked. She willed herself into feeling better, and although she still wasn't eating much, she looked much healthier than she did the day she was admitted.

 "Well, I think my state of mind has improved tremendously since my arrival..." she began, unsure of herself.

"Indeed it has. I'm very impressed."

"Are you impressed enough to let me out early?"

Kevin paused and seriously considered letting Bonnie go, but wondered if the coping techniques she learned during her admission would escape her when faced with real-life issues.

"I'll tell your case worker to let you go if you follow these conditions; one, you will call me immediately if you start feeling suicidal. Two, you will continue to see me twice a week for three weeks for outpatient care, and three; you will avoid negative influences and triggers that will create another episode such as this one. Understand?"

Bonnie nodded her head enthusiastically, and a smile began to creep back up to Kevin's face.

"Well then, I'll schedule a board meeting in about two to five days to discuss the terms of your release, and then you should be free."

"Thank you so much, Dr. Clarke! I promise you won't regret it."


Ella's eyes opened slowly as she listened to the sound of Eric softly snoring. She breathed deeply, and closed her eyes as she took in this moment. Her heart was beating erratically, but at the same time, it was as soft and slow as a drum.

She quickly pulled her cellphone out of her back pocket and saw that Jordan called her four times last night. She shrugged as she huddled closer to him.

His eyes began to flutter, as Ella watched him in awe. His hair laid perfectly in place, and his chest went up and down steadily. She softly stroked his stomach and caressed his fingers.

"Hello beautiful," she whispered.

"Good morning, blondie."

"You know, I have a new theory...about us." 

"And what would that be?"

"We are very much alike, and therefore drawn to each other. We have the same initials, and we both have ten letters in our full names. We're both famous, rebellious, flirty, terrified of settling down, and snobby."

"I am not snobby," he interrupted jokingly.

"You don't admit it, but you are. You're one of the snobbiest guys I've ever met."

"How so?"

"Remember that time when you would only listen to obscure bands and old music because 'mainstream' music was lame?"

"Well, that was just common sense."

She reluctantly climbed on top of him, as he stared at her with a slightly confused face.

"Well, I'm sick of trying to have a platonic relationship. It's not working. We are doomed to be drawn to and repulsed by each other."

"And what about Jordan?"

"I'll break it to him gently. He hasn't moved on from Bonnie yet, so he probably won't be too broken over it." Eric grinned as Ella kissed his lips lightly and began unbuttoning one of his many shirts.

"Okay, but you have to be gentle with me." he smirked.


 As the weeks of shooting the film toiled on, Michele became very close with her cast mates; especially with one in particular. Almost every woman in Sunset Valley with a libido felt something for Luke, but she saw more of him than any of those sims could have hoped to see. Underneath the ladies' man exterior, he had a heart of gold and was very considerate. Whenever she wanted to complain about Alex's nosiness, or her growing uncertainty in regards to marriage, he was there with a listening ear.

She hated to admit it, but she was falling for him.

"Well, the view here is certainly amazing." she said with a fake air of confidence, while facing away from Luke. He chucked and said "Well, it would be even nicer if you turned around and actually looked at it."

 She turned around hesitantly as he grabbed her and pulled her closer to him. "See? The view is much nicer now. Or at least, it is for me." he winked.

Michele chuckled halfheartedly and refused to look him in the eye. She never wanted any of this to happen, and she never wanted to break any hearts. She slowly started pulling away from him, but he would have none of it.

 "You okay?"

"No," she sighed. "I can't do this anymore, Luke. I'm just not that kind of girl. I can't live with myself knowing that I'm...I'm betraying someone's trust. I'm sorry."

"Hey now, don't be so quick to end this. I happen to think what we have is pretty special too; just as special as your relationship with Alex, even. It's bigger than us. By becoming one as people, our characters can become one with each other as well. I mean, what he doesn't know won't kill him, right?" he pleaded.


"Just think about it, okay? Can you do that for me?"

 He pulled her closer to him, even closer than before, and gently kissed her lips while stroking her hair. Michele tried so hard to remind herself of Alex, and the mess she was creating each time she touched him; but it did nothing. She felt absolutely drained of any power to say no.

After he pulled away to check her expression, she quietly smiled and nodded "yes", to approve of the misguided affair. Her heart sank to the pit of her stomach for Alex, where the butterflies who favored Luke viciously attacked it. Her entire body, mind, and spirit was at war with itself.

Unfortunately, if prying eyes had their way, Michele and Luke's dirty little rendezvous would soon cease to be a secret.

 "Left...right...left...right...left..." Clyde chanted in his head. Tonight was the night.

He had finally found the perfect opportunity to ask the girl he'd been in love with since high school on a date, and he didn't want to blow it. So much so, that he had his mother create a new outfit and hairstyle for him. Sometimes, it was great to have a world-famous stylist for a mother, and other times, it hurt more than it helped. His mother's occupation frequently aided high-school bullies with fresh new insults for Clyde, as if they didn't already have enough ammo with his notorious shyness, technophobia, and fear of nature.

But, that was another time. He wasn't in high-school anymore, and neither was she. They were both mature young adults, secretly scared of the world beyond those locker rooms.

 The girl in question was a different case, indeed. She wasn't a popular girl or anything, although she does have famous parents. She was quirky, and intelligent; she had as much brains as she did beauty. And beyond that, she was humble and understated. She didn't care for the flashy life her parents reveled in, and she dreamed of owning land by the sea, where she and her future family could see the ocean from their bedroom windows.

Who knows; if Clyde got lucky tonight, it could be their family living on the seaside property. He was horrible with commitments and children made him nervous, but he'd raise a million kids if it meant seeing a smile on her face.

 "Okay, no pressure." he murmured to himself. He finally arrived at the Dillard abode, with sweat stains under his shirt and clammy, shaky hands. He quickly wiped the sweat on this hands onto his pants and dialed the number on the gate.

"Clyde Pinciotti, here to see Thame Dillard." he mumbled. She quickly skipped out of her house and towards the gate, as he struggled to catch his breath.

 "Clyde! Wow, it's been so long since I've seen you!" she beamed. "So, where's your car?"

"I, um...I didn't bring my car. It's in the shop. My little brother totaled it." he admitted, rather embarrassed.

"I completely understand. I remember when my little sister totaled my car. I never forgave her. No worries, we can just take my car. To the beach we go!"

When they reached Sunset Strand, Thame stared at the sunset in awe. Her eyes began to water slightly as she placed her hand over her heart. Clyde tried not to cringe as nature had a habit of making him physically ill, but when he saw how mesmerized she was, his heart instantly melted and all fear of the unfiltered oxygen evaporated. He quickly went about picking random flowers, and wrapped it up in a plastic film he found in a nearby recycling bin.

 "I know you like nature, so I picked these for you." he mumbled. She stared at the flowers in a complete daze, and brought them up to her nose for a whiff.

"They smell so sweet, just like you." she smiled. "I'm sorry I can't stay out as late as you wanted, photo-sensitivity and all. Maybe we could do this again at a later date?"

"Of course. I'm sorry, I wasn't thinking-"

"It's okay. It's been awhile since I've seen the sun from a place other than my bedroom window. I really appreciate it."

"'s no problem, really. I just really like you. I think you're amazing, Thame."

"Clyde, you don't even know anything about me." she sighed.

"I know you're smart, and I know you enjoy painting landscapes. I know you can pick up any instrument and master it within a week. I know you love being by the sea, and now I know you love sunsets." Thame smiled as he went through the long list of things he's observed about her, and shook her head in disdain as he managed to completely overlook the most obvious thing about her:

Her skin.

"Clyde...I really have to go." she said urgently as she felt her skin go up in flames. The sun was never very good to her kind, but she wished at this moment she could just stay with him, or even stay alone, and watch the sun set completely.

"Wait- how about we go in the shade? Then you can stay with me, right?"

"...Yeah, I can."


Sometimes, sims show up in each other's lives for a purpose, unbeknownst to either sim.

Sometimes, they're a healing force...

Sometimes, they're a shoulder to cry on.

Sometimes, they teach you how to be stronger...

Sometimes, they show you just how weak you are.

And sometimes, their purpose isn't immediately known.

But regardless of the purpose, each new experience comes with new lessons to learn, and new sims to teach. The lessons you learn and the sims you meet can greatly influence your life in a positive way...

...but only if you let it.

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  1. I'm glad Bonnie is finally pulling herself together.

    Well, I hope that Ella really is ready to stick with one guy. But will Jordan really cope? Hmm.

    Poor Michele. She did want to say no. But Luke is very good, isn't he?

    Hey Thame, nice to see a Dillard! You can risk a couple hours in the sunset, surely. Though the sparks do kind of give away that it's not the best thing for you. Go little Clyde - go after the girl of your dreams.

  2. She's definitely on the right track so far. :)

    Ella, Ella, Ella. I'm still not entirely sure where she's going with all this.

    Luke is an interesting fellow, certainly a chameleon of sorts. He's kind of like Mark, but his eyes aren't set on money. *hint hint*

    Clyde and Thame could easily be my favorite couple so far, assuming that they'd want to go further with the relationship and actually start "seeing each other" officially. Until then, Ella and Eric remain my favorites.

    Thanks for reading! :)

  3. I'm pretty sure I had more stuff to comment about but all I can think of right now is OMG A DILLARD! XD

  4. This was a wonderful post Cheezy! Fantastic shots too!
    I see you've got a lighting mod installed, man I cannot live with out mine now. lol The sunsets are so gorgeous and only yesterday did I see my first orange one! ;)

    I love the way you ended this post. I'm intrigued to find out more!

    Will definitely have to go read up a little though on some of your previous posts. :)

  5. Umi - I know, right?! My favorite part about this entire chapter is Thame's appearance. She blends in nicely.

    Jen - Thanks! :) I'm late to the light mod party, but it has definitely made the graphics in game 1000x better. I was absolutely shocked when I saw it.

    More shall come, as soon as I find some free time. :) I seem to be getting better at ambiguous endings, haha

  6. Found your blog via Jen's bloglist.

    Really enjoyed this part and will definitely have to go back and read the other parts.

    Adding you to my follow list! :)

  7. Ok, now I'm losing it. I'd already added you to my list.

    Once again, nice story!

  8. Thank you, Penelope! :D I appreciate it!

  9. Ooooh... You always find a way to leave things on a cliffhanger!! Aah! I really can't wait to see what happens to all of them. D:

    Blaaah, Bonnie... I have such a love hate relationship with her. Sometimes I want to squeeze her, sometimes I want to swat her--and this is a swatting moment. Eric is a disaster, and together... boom. XD I'm not sure I feel that bad for Jordan, though... He did cheat and leave Bonnie... >_> Oh, the complexities of relationship in dramas! Love it.

    I'm glad Bonnie's trying to get better, even if she's faking it, right now... But, sometimes faking it leads to believing you really are better. Still... *eyes her shrink* I don't like him very much, and I don't trust him. HM!

    lkhalsgkhs Michele. Kick Luke in the nuts!! Okay.. I know that wouldn't happen, but. D: Poor Alex. But.. sometimes you just can't avoid the emotions you have 'in the moment'. Just sucks for both of them... Especially with that darn spy... I sense not good things around the corner, lol. D:

    You are a master of spinning drama, Cheezy! I look forward to your next chapter--which I'm sure will wrench out my heart yet again. x_x


  10. Me too. I'm still at a loss as to how or where to take this. Hmm...I'll have to re-visit my notes.

    LOL, you mean Ella? ;) Yeah, Ella + Eric = horror. Absolute horror.

    *snickers* Kevin is kind of...questionable, sure. I think his wife is a wee bit more suspicion-inducing, though.

    Michele is definitely having a puppy dog moment, much to Alex's dismay. :( Assuming that he'll find out...

    Aww, thanks! :) Eventually, it shall go up. Eventually...

    I really need to check those notes.

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  12. SQUEEE, I'm happy you liked it! :D Unfortunately it'll have to wait a bit, since the save file for Six Degrees had a bit of object CC in it, and Pets borked it.

    Of course, I may end up creating a new save file, which I can do because I *brilliantly* saved the sims to bin! :D *rejoices*