Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saskan Harbour Legacy: An Introduction

Sandy Alcott and Brandon Dillard are not your typical couple. They are fresh out of college (or at least, Brandon is), unmarried, and new to this town called Saskan Harbour. Also, they are complete opposites. Sandy loves the pulsating beats of pop, while Brandon much prefers the calming melodies of classical music. Sandy cannot get enough of the color bubblegum pink, and Brandon loves the warmth of a nice spice brown. Brandon is frugal, ambitious, and very very dedicated to his work. Some would even call him a workaholic. Meanwhile, Sandy is very childish and clumsy, yet smart. It frustrates Brandon to no end when she prefers to act like a ditsy blond around her friends, as opposed to the intelligent woman he fell in love with.

Nonetheless, they fell in love. Maybe it was her friendliness and her daredevil streak that appealed to the adventurer in him?

"Get up, I need to use the computer right now!" Sandy whined. She had a writing assignment to do for her Journalism course. How can she ever advance from being a measly paper girl if Brandon insists on working from home 24/7? However, Brandon was having none of it. He knew that the very second he gave up the computer, she'd start playing one of those sims games again. He had very important paperwork he had to do for his boss, and he had no time to deal with her childishness.
"Sorry babe, I have stuff that needs to be done ASAP. If it's that important, then go to the library and do it."

She went down to the library dead-set on getting her assignment done and sure enough, she wound up playing games instead. "Eh, no bigs. I can just work on it later." she thought to herself. Simlish was a very easy subject for her. It was almost like breathing.

Back at home, Brandon was still hard at work getting those papers ready for his boss. He was even getting a little stressed. Of course, it didn't help that it was almost dark and Sandy was nowhere to be seen. "Wow, must be some assignment" he thought to himself.

"#@!#@!!" Brandon swore. The computer just shut off without warning! He was grateful for the auto-save option that his SimWord program had, and considered it to be his cue to head for bed.
A few hours later, he heard a sound as Sandy tried to sneak in. By that time it was 1AM.

Brandon peeked out of the bedroom door only to find Sandy ferociously pounding on the keys of the keyboard and mumbling to herself every once and awhile. He approached her quietly.
"...So, tough project?" he questioned, genuinely wondering why his girlfriend was so frantic. Not missing a beat, Sandy hastily replied "Now is not the time for chit chat Brandon." Resisting the urge to say something sarcastic, he shuffled his feet in his bunny slippers. "Well...alright. I'll just head back to bed then."
"You do that."
As he walked back to the bedroom, he had a cocky smile on his face. He was right, Sandy had wasted all of her time playing a computer game. "And stop grinning!" Sandy yelled.

After a rough first night in their cozy little starter home, Brandon decided that it was time to put more of an effort into their relationship. Sandy has a habit of driving him crazy with her childishness, but he could learn to live with it. He loved her, after all, and it was time to stop avoiding her in favor of work and sanity.

"Good morning", he smiled as he made his way to the side of her bed. He pulled her into a hug and hoped that one day that they would be able to become more than just "boyfriend and girlfriend".

And as expected with a young couple, the hug lead to a little bit more than a hug.

After the first day of job training, Sandy had a long list of complaints. She came from work hungry, stinky, and dead tired. Who knew that tossing papers in people's lawns required so much work! Even though this seemed like breaking news to Sandy, it just went one ear and out the other for Brandon, who was currently content being a coffee courier. "Ugh, men!!" she groaned while walking toward the kitchen. Needless to say, Brandon didn't get any that night.

He did, however, sneak in a cuddle while Sandy was thinking about her career. Maybe this "star news anchor" fantasy of hers was just that, a fantasy. Maybe she'd have to let go of that fantasy and grow up after all.

The next day, Brandon and Sandy had good news to share. "Well, what is it? You first!" Sandy beamed. She couldn't wait to tell her surprise, so she wanted to get his out of the way. "I got a promotion!" Brandon said, his voice raising a few octaves. She knew that he only raised his voice like that when he's excited. "Now you." he said with a smile.

Sandy paused for a minute, unsure of his reaction might be. "Well..."


Cliffhanger! Lol! It was nice to finally get into the game after being forced out of CAW. I tried my hand at Crescent Hills again, but this time, it was actually going somewhere. I started out with the Riverview template and to me at least, I was making progress. Until I downloaded the latest patch, that is. *headdesk*

Anyway, this is a new legacy that I will be starting up with. Instead of focusing on one household, I'll be focusing on one family spanned over a few houses. I finally have Twallan's mod back into my game, so sim life is good. I also downloaded Saskan Harbour, which is gorgeous! The house did not come with the world. I actually built it myself, since I purchased a large lot for them. Most of this entry was not smoke and mirrors at all: they really are polar opposites! I was going to toss in there that "Brandon felt like he needed to work on the relationship a bit more if he was going to marry her, so he chose a getaway to France" or something because he had that want to go. And then, almost three sim minutes after he rolled that want, Sandy decided she wanted to go to Egypt. Of course, I deleted both wants, haha!


  1. Hey, it's nice to see you back. The story is great. I hope to see more. I got a few laughs from this one.
    I haven't even thought of downloading worlds since Ambitions was released. There is so much to do now. And being able to place lots has made a big difference.

  2. You finally start blogging again and you end on a cliffhanger?! AUGH!!!

    ~ Umi

    P.S. Brandon and Sandy are a cute couple. ^_^

  3. Dee - Good to hear that you got a few laughs! I tried to make the plot less serious, and the fact that they conflict so often makes it all the more humorous. :)

    Umi - Hi! :D LOL, the cliffhanger was a must. Sandy has some very important news that may or may not aggravate a certain trait of Brandon's... ;)

    I thought they were a cute couple too. Brandon's so serious and sarcastic, while Sandy is bubbly and hyper. It's like they both balance each other out, while simultaneously attracting/repelling each other. It'll be fun to see them raise kids, for sure. I can already see conflicts on how to raise the kids!

  4. Oh, I forgot to add that I wanted to start this story in a completely empty world (sim-wise), and since I can't get back into CAW, the simmer-made worlds were the only choices that I had aside from emptying out Riverview and Sunset Valley. I actually had my eye on Saskan Harbour for a bit, and it's a nice change of pace from the smaller islands and large mountainous areas.

  5. Yay, you're back!!

    They are indeed a cute couple. I have a feeling theirs will not be an easy or boring relationship.

  6. Yep, I'm back! And with a new plot too! lol, hopefully I can stick with this one. They just keep coming and coming...

    They're already stressing me out a bit, and I'm all the way on the other side of the computer! I'll be playing them again today, so the *surprise* will be revealed either today or tomorrow in the next update. :)

  7. I'll be watching for it. Don't be stressed. I gave up on being stressed. I sometimes just sit back and let them do their thing. Poised over the pause button of course. :)

  8. Great story. Want to read more.

  9. Thank you merry! :)

    Dee - I try to just let go, but I can get kind of controlling when it comes to my sims. I keep saying that I want them to make their own mistakes and such, but sometimes I can't help but to intervene like an overprotective parent. For instance, that whole mishap of Sandy wanting to go to Egypt and Brandon wanting to go to France. I could just see them bickering about it. I try to "keep the peace" as much as possible. ;)

  10. I finally came by to see your progress. Nice to see you back at story telling, though the adventures with CAW were interesting.

    LOL at controlling sim parent. Some Sims I can let make their own mistakes, some I can't. It was one of the more interesting aspects of trying a 7 toddler challenge, you have to learn to let some things happen because you must prioritise the time.

  11. These two are quite a couple! lol I like their differences though it will make things interesting.
    As they say, opposites do attract. ;)