Sunday, April 25, 2010

Broken Heart Trilogy- The Tale of the Bedooh Sisters

Yay, trilogies! I was reading a rainbowacy last night, and I got the inspiration to do a story full of "color", if you will. It was really fun, since I don't think I've ever had blue sims before! I'm planning on releasing the other two stories sporadically, because it's rather fun playing around with short stories in-game.

Broken Heart Trilogy, Pt. 1
The Tale of the Bedooh Sisters

"Grandma, I can't sleep." Chealsea whined, while rubbing her eyes. Sandy just smiled down at her and put her hand on her chin inquisitively. "Do you want to hear a story?" Sandy said, knowing exactly which story she wanted to tell. Chealsea yawned while nodding her head, sat down in the chair, and waited to hear the story.

"I used to live in a place called 'Broken Heart Island'. It was a medieval town, and ruled by a monarchy. They were stuck in the past, while the rest of us dwelled in the present. When I moved to Broken Heart Island, I expected to lose the luxuries of technology and modern medicine, but never did I expect to witness the three defining moments in the island's history. I'll start with the first tale, the tale of the Bedooh Sisters.

"Their names were Ashanti and Ahnehluti Bedooh, and they were twins. Ashanti was the oldest physically, but not mentally. Ashanti was pleasantly aloof of her sister's evil doings. The thing that set them apart were the eyes: Ashanti has white, almost yellowish irises, while Ahnehluti's irises were blood red, signifying her quest for blood.

When Ahnehluti and Ashanti were little girls, their parents were hunted down by the local sheriffs and arrested for multiple demeanors. They would have been released within 5 years, but they died of simbotic plague. The twins were then left on a peasant's doorstep, who tried to raise them up well. Ashanti came out wonderfully, maybe a little too wonderfully if you ask me. Ashanti became a perfectionist, sickeningly good, and had a peculiar fondness to the color yellow. Ahnehluti, on the other hand, was the complete opposite. She rebelled against the peasant, and she developed a hardened heart. She grew up wanting nothing but revenge, and to cause pain and heartbreak as best as she could.

"The only person she could call a true friend, with the exception of her sister of course, was a girl named Mystique. They were actually a bit more than friends, but something tells me that it has more to do with the fact that Mystique is a spitting image of her looks and personality, and nothing to do with her orientation. I honestly don't believe Ahnehluti was attracted to sims period...she just liked the chase. Unfortunately for Mystique though, she genuinely loved Ahnehluti.

"Ahnehluti kept her victims behind a "pillar" that was actually a wall with no doors. To this day no one knows exactly why she has a fondness for seducing then killing local sheriffs, but if you ask me, it's rather obvious. The sheriffs gave her and her family a sense of comfort, and then took everything they held dear. Ahnehluti was simply returning the favor.

"She was taunting her last victim with the promise of food, after she went 4 days without eating. She didn't plan to give her the food, but rather, to burn the house down and her with it. Having her die of starvation was taking too long, and she wanted her dead immediately.

"And almost as if it were planned, she died shortly after that of starvation, lying in the pool of her own urine. I guess the fire wasn't needed after all."

Chealsea shot up and gasped. "She DIED?" Sandy tried to suppress her it turns out, Chealsea's quite the reactive one. "Mom", Sandy's daughter Desiree chimed in, "Are you sure this isn't too much for Chealsea?" "Oh please! The girl's 13! She'll be exposed to most of this stuff at some point!" Desiree just chuckled in the same manner that Sandy did a few minutes ago. "Well, if you say so Mom. Hahaha! You and your stories..." She continued to laugh all the way to the kitchen area. And with that, Sandy resumed her story.

"I saw Ashanti that same day, reading on the perch of the fountain in town. Desiree, for some reason, was only a few feet away from Ashanti. I saw her coo over her, and she slowly walked over to pick her up. I immediately stopped her by greeting her."
"But Ashanti wasn't dangerous, right?" Chealsea interjected. "No, Ashanti wasn't dangerous, but you'll understand my protectiveness when you have a child of your own someday."
Sandy watched as Chealsea made a disgusted grimace at the thought of having a child of her own, and Sandy laughed.

"When I greeted her, I asked her if she heard what everyone was saying about her sister. She said to me 'What were they saying?' and I told her all the rumors about her sister, and even warned her that if she had a man, she should make sure she keeps him away from Ahnehluti. She just said to me 'No, that's not my sister, and please! I doubt Pahstelle would leave me for my own sister, that's absurd!' She chuckled at the idea and then walked back home, with a little bit of a skip in her step. I never did understand her.

Meanwhile, Ahnehluti was on her daily jog. She cackled when she discovered the house was finally set on fire, and expected to come home to a dead policewoman. At that moment, she was unaware that her victim wasn't even alive anymore.

"'OH MY PLUMBBOB!' Ashanti exlaimed after coming home to her house in flames. She tried to extinguish it herself, but she wasn't strong enough. She began to panic, as any perfectionist would when something isn't perfect.

"'I'm gonna die...I'm gonna die...OH MY PLUMBBOB I'M GOING TO DIE! AHNEHLUTI, COME SAVE ME!!!' Ashanti shrieked. She ran to the door, but it was on fire. She stood there screaming and crying until finally the flames got closer and closer to her.

"When Ahnehluti came home, she saw the flames slowly starting to make their way towards Ashanti, and immediately picked up the fire extinguisher to save her sister. She was evil of course, but she still loved her sister more than life itself. She'd rather hurt her emotionally, and she would never want to see her hurt physically. At that moment, Ashanti noticed the dead, limp body of the police officer in the corner of the room. 'Oh my Plumbbob...she's dead! Your ex-wife is dead!' Ashanti shrieked.

"'This is a disaster' she whispered. She ran into her sister's arms and started sobbing. 'Why would she set the house on fire and then kill herself?' Ahnehluti was relieved to hear that Ashanti didn't know what was going on, and merely shrugged her shoulders while trying to put on a convincing face. 'I don't know hon, some people are just crazy.'

"That night, while Ashanti was crying herself to sleep, Ahnehluti decided it was time she tried to sink her claws into a 'serious relationship'. And she knew just who to go for...


"But isn't that Ashanti's boyfriend?" she said, while pouting. "But...I thought they were sisters. I thought Ahnehluti loved her." She looked down and fiddled with her thumbs. Once again, Sandy chuckled. "The Bedooh sisters weren't your typical sisters, Chels. And they didn't have a typical kind of love, either. But if you let me finish the story, you'll see something that might shock you," Sandy grinned.

"Pahstelle paid a visit to the Bedooh household, and was greeted by Ahnehluti, since Ashanti was out socializing. Ahnehluti always made Pahstelle uncomfortable, but even moreso now that she wasn't wearing clothes.

"She sobbed into his arms, and as she expected, he pitied her instead of shoving her off. While she wasn't genuinely upset, she felt a warmth from him that warmed even the coldest of hearts, and it certainly warmed hers.

"She looked down at the ground sadly when she realized that her defenses were weakening. Not even her own sister has seen this level of vulnerability. She asked that he left immediately, and decided not to chase him after all.

"Eventually, he coaxed her out of her home and to a secluded, remote place. He then started romancing her.

"She started blushing as she wondered why he was chasing her. Why her, of all people? He knew about her, I mean, she was romantically involved with his sister Mystique. She's never been chased before, and she found that she liked it.

"He snuck over to her shack one day, completely forgetting that she dwells there with her sister, which was also his girlfriend. He didn't want her to find out that way, but he was genuinely in love with Ahnehluti.

"And soon afterward, he made an honest woman out of her. At the end of the day, good really does conquer evil."

"Wow, that was so sweet!" Chealsea said with a squeal of delight. "But, what happened to her sister?" Sandy paused for a second, and decided that Chealsea was old enough to hear the rest of the story. "Ashanti married a prince and became a queen, but...Mystique set the house on fire and accidentally killed herself after learning about Ahnehluti's new relationship." Chealsea's heart sunk a little as she looked at the floor sadly. "I'm sure you'd be pleased to hear that Ahnehluti became a completely changed woman, though. Now go to bed, it's almost 12!" Sandy giggled.

Sandy's son-in-law, Donovan, sat by her as they both watched Chealsea leave. "Kids these days," he chuckled, "They'll believe anything." Sandy herself giggled. If only they knew how true these stories really were...


I looove Broken Heart Island! The mystical feeling makes me feel like anything could happen in the game, and I doubt I could have that same plot play out as well in Sunset Valley or Riverview. And just as a bonus, here's Sandy and her husband (who's name I forget but I think it was Brandon) on their wedding day. The little bump's name is Elizabeth, who is her eldest child. Desiree is her youngest. :)


  1. Nice, I had never thought of using Sims to tell a tale like that. Pity about the good sister though. Good story.

  2. I love it. I love the way this was told by grandma.
    But the poor good sister lost out.

  3. Yeah, I felt a bit sorry for Ashanti after she was ditched for Ahnehluti, but I made up for it with a prince and now she's a happy little goody, lol. This story was originally supposed to be in first person (either through Ashanti's eyes or Ahnehluti's eyes), but I figured that writing the story from another person's eyes would be more descriptive for this/these specific stories. :)

    Thanks guys!

  4. Yeah, she got a prince but her sister stole her boyfriend and she looked so unhappy in that one pic.

    I'll just imagine her living in a big nice castle, sleeping on her feather bed and her sister envying her.

    I never use all the quotes and stuff because I forget to put them where they belong. :)

  5. Yeah, she made me a little sad for her myself to be honest. But indeed, she's living the luxurious life now with her new hubby, and her sister is probably in some shack with her ex. Long live sibling rivalry, lol!

    Yeah, the quotes were a bit hard. I always thought that you always, ALWAYS ended the paragraph with a quote, but if the story's still going, apparently you leave out the second " until it transitions to another person talking. The more you read, the more you learn I guess. :)

  6. What a great and engrossing story. I'm so glad Ashanti is okay. I was worried as I read along that she'd be heartbroken and worse.

    The narration reminded me a bit of the Princess Bride where the Grandfather is reading a book to his grandson. I loved that you wrote this from the point of view of the storyteller.

    Very creative.

  7. Aww, thanks! Ashanti's a trooper, but she still hasn't fully forgiven her sister, so there's a little bit of spite in that optimistic heart of hers. And thank you, I was kind of borrowing from that as I was writing lol. I'm glad you noticed. :)