Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Februrary 2, 2010 - Stage 1.1 and Road/Lot Tearing

Last update, I mentioned that I made a mistake (more like a few mistakes) that caused major road/lot tearing. I left a comment on the last update explaining what I meant, but I don't think it was clear enough. Anyway, the road/lot tearing wasn't a pretty sight, and although it could be fixed, I wanted to see if I would still have that issue if:

1) I made sure the terrain was as even as possible
2) if I laid down the roads and made sure everything was smooth/connected and then added the lots and built upon them.

My first world, I flattened the terrain haphazardly and I laid down the lots and buildings before I was finished with the road. This picture may be a better demonstration in regards to the "lot tearing" I was experiencing.

As for the new world, I've pretty much put down all the roads/"climates". The sand is the beach, the dark grass will be the farmland, the snow-covered mountains will be the mountainous area, and the dirt-like grass will be the poorer part of the world. The plain grass will be the downtown area. And I'm sure you noticed the volcano, lol! I was thinking that maybe I could use that strip of land like a mini "island" because I really liked that jungle theme I had in my previous world. I couldn't really fit a waterfall into the mountains or the "jungle", so I figured a volcano would be pretty scenic. What do you guys think?


  1. I like the idea of a volcano instead of a waterfall. I also like that this is not huge.

    If you stick with base game I'll probably download and play it.

    I downloaded one that they said needed WA but I was still able to play it. The main thing it was missing was a bridge but the cabbie just drove down the bank, crossed the river and back up the other side.

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  3. Yeah, it'll definitely be base-game compatible. I'm tempted to install WA just for the Nectary in itself because it would look great in the farm area, but I don't want to run the risk of borking up my game. Maybe I'll make two versions and make the nectary in the WA version, but keep it out of the base game version.

  4. I also meant to say that I like the look of the snowy mountains. I'll like that part even better once we stop having so much of the blasted stuff in real life here.

  5. Haha! It hardly snows here, so I had to take my cues from online Google images. I'm happy you like them! I still feel like they need a bit of work though...maybe some dirt or something so they're not as white. :)

  6. Throw some pine trees up there. That's about the only green we see this time of year. Problem is you don't have any with some snow on them, available in the game. The rest of the trees just look dead this time of year.

    The mountain part already has some other color besides white. The flat part probably could use something else. I'm not the one to be giving advise though. I can't get anywhere in CAW. I think once you get some trees on that part the white won't seem quite so white.

    I've been setting up New Mexico that water_cat made. I like doing the houses and stuff. I'm just remodeling bin houses right now though because I need to get all my families in there.

  7. Good idea, and never hold back the suggestions! CAW experience or not, it helps me decide what does and doesn't need to be changed in the world. :)
    I agree with the trees; I was thinking maybe some spruces or some firs, since I'm not sure they have pine trees. I may have missed them...I'll be sure to check again.

    Right now, I'm adding the lots into the world. That might take a bit, so I'll probably wind up adding the trees earlier than I expected.

  8. I call all of them pine trees. I can never remember the names of the trees.
    I'm a plain old country girl and if you made a town my way, you probably wouldn't get any downloads. :)

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  10. LOL! It's early I was telling you about the lot tearing thing and then I saw that you already posted in that thread. XD

    Anyway, I love the volcano. That is a neat little touch. And snow capped mountains. They would look nice with some trees, if only we had some snow covered pines.

  11. @Dee, I'm sure you could make some great worlds. It's all about perspective, really. :)

    @LunarFox, LOL! Yeah, I saw that thread. I didn't check for new replies though, so thanks for the link. :)

    And thanks! I was actually debating on getting rid of the volcano because I'm not sure what I would do with it besides just having it sit there and look pretty...but I'll keep it. I'll just try to find something "exciting" to do with it. :)

    And I'm still working on the trees, of course. And I kind of want to blend some sort of grass or something with the sand...I don't want everything to be just strictly one color. It makes things look dull. I got to work on some of the farm/poverty areas yesterday, but I'll spare you guys the pics until I've laid everything out. :)

  12. Maybe I could do something if I could take myself away from playing long enough.

    Oh, don't take away the volcano. I wonder if there is a way to make it look like the lava is running down onto the sand. I'm getting ideas from watching you make your world. I wonder what it would look like with a partially destroyed house near it.

    Okay, I'll shut up now. ;) To be honest. I don't know how to shut up.

  13. That's fantastic, because I have a hard time shutting up too. ;) I always seem to want to talk about anything and everything, which I know annoys some people...

    A destroyed/ruined shack by the volcano would be great! I wonder if I should make it liveable, or if I should make it a tourist attraction...

  14. A tourist attraction with spawners. Maybe leave the toilet working for the tourists. :D A dirty looking one of course. I'm having fun with your creation.

    I could talk all day and never get tired. I get to do just that at work. I work in the mail order department and I'm usually the one answering the phone. If things get too quite, I just go to the front of the store and help customers and talk some more. If I'm alone here, I talk to the cat. When I play sims, I talk to them.

  15. Yeah, I'll do a tourist attraction. Maybe leave in some "ancient relics" (or plain objects that look ancient :P). I'm having fun with it too, and the feedback really helps with the idea processing. I love brainstorming with people. :)

    I do that too, loL! Although sometimes, I just like quiet. That's usually when I'm sick and/or exhausted. Other than that, silence is really hard for me. I just constantly talk.

  16. Exhaustion or illness are about the only things that can shut me up too.

    I love the idea of relics or things that look old.

    Right now I'm goiing to have to shut up and go sleep. We're getting the blasted snow again so I may be staying home tomorrow, again.

  17. Your world is looking great! I like how you've laid it out--all the different sections. The volcano's cool too. I agree that it would make a neat tourist attraction. The snow-capped mountains look good too. Of course I've never seen snow-capped mountains in person so I don't know how reliable I am ;)

  18. Thank you! And you're about as reliable on snow-capped mountains as I am, since I've never personally seen them myself. ;)