Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February 09, 2010- Pobreza!

I've finally decided on a name for one of my "untitled worlds"- New Haiven. And because I haven't posted in a bit (or seemingly in a bit), I wanted to show you all what I was working on. Behold, the names of (some) districts!

(I named the country district "Oakley" because I had some oak trees in there, and "Pobreza" actually means something in...some language. I basically came up with the names of the island and the poorer district using Google Translate.)

Also, I've finished Pobreza!

I might test out the world pretty soon, and when I do, I'll show detailed pictures of Pobreza as well as Isla of Terra Petite, since I'm almost done with that part of the world as well. I've even done a little work in Oakley and Delaney, which is looking rather scenic! :)

And just for fun, guess what "Pobreza" and "Tierra Petite" means. No using Google Translate, that's cheating! :)


  1. I was just about ready to ask you how the world was going. It's looks great.

    I only know Petite + Small. LOL
    I know nothing of other languages.

  2. Thanks! I plan on testing it today (and hopefully posting before tomorrow) so I can give everyone an in-game tour of Pobreza. And LOL, I know nothing either. Well...I know a bit of Spanish, but most other words escape me. :)

  3. I forgot to "subscribe by email" and just found your comment.

    I have subscribed now, so please post a comment here when you do the in-game tour. I don't want to miss it.

  4. I did the in-game tour! It's here:


    It's pretty long though, I'll warn you now. :)

  5. Tierra Petite - small earth
    Pobreza - not sure waht language, but poor in spanish is pobre, i've never used probreza in spanish so i'm thinking it's italian or google translate doesn't know . lol.


  6. Good guesses! :D Nice to meet you, JaLoDe!

    I apologize that I haven't blogged much on this blog, the game is acting up. Hope to see you again soon! <3