Wednesday, November 4, 2009

November 04, 2009- If At First You Don't Succeed...

Try, try again!

Not to be one who gives up easily, I stopped playing for a bit to try and sort everything out game-wise. I got my graphics card (NVidia GeForce 9500) and my game is running beautifully. I had a character (re-created version of Emily Martin) and I was going to blog about her, but the plot flopped. And the fact that Story Progression threw her a self-baby wasn't helping matters much either.

Of course, that's partially because I only updated to 1.2.7, but I don't want to lose Delphy's slider mod like I did last time. Plus, IndieStone crashes my game. So, there goes that.
I'm planning on making another sims 2 sim, but I'll need some help from you lovely readers! I can't decide between Helena Jitmakusol, or Lucienda Ray. They are/were both lovely sims, and I'm pretty sure I could re-create them both successfully with the aid of CC.

Name: Helena Jitmakusol
Age: YA (although she's a teen in this picture)
Traits: Friendly, Flirty, Hot-headed, Ambitious, Genius
Favorites: To Be Decided
Lifetime Wish: World-Renowned Surgeon

Name: Lucienda (Fairchild) Ray
Age: YA (she's an Adult in this picture)
Traits: Ambitious, Loner, Friendly, Schmoozer, Workaholic
Favorites: To Be Decided
Lifetime Wish: Leader of the Free World

And while I'm being indecisive, should the Crescent Hills Project take place in the Riverview template, or the Sunset Valley template? And should I eliminate all the old posts, or somehow jumble them all together in an archive? You know, since I can no longer update them. I might as well. This blog is far too cluttered and messy for my liking.

Thanks for reading! I promise I'll update soon.
And if you have a family or a sim that you would be willing to sacrif-I mean, "donate" to the Crescent Hills Project, feel free to drop a link. :)


  1. Hi again. Glad you have things working now. I would go with Helena. It's mostly because I have a problem with the loner trait. I made one loner and only played her for a short time. They both look great.

    Which template? That's a hard one. I play in one awhile and start missing the other. I keep going back and forth.

    BTW, almost every sim I made has been uploaded and is available to anyone, to be used in any way they want to. I didn't add a link but they are all at SelahFreeAtLast on the forum.

  2. Wow, you got a great video card! I never played Sims 2 but I love the traits flirty and genius so I'd lean towards Helena.

    I also go back and forth between Riverview and Sunset Valley. I like the layout of Sunset Valley but I like the townies of Riverview better.

    Feel free to use any of my Sims or families! They can be found at my studio. I'm Chrysame on the Sims forums as well as...everywhere else!

  3. Great! Thanks everyone. :)
    I woke up nauseous as heck, so I'm not feeling my best. On the plus side, more simming time for me!

    I tried the Sunset Valley template because it was a bit more diverse, but like you guys said, I began to miss the Riverview template. I think I'll try Riverview this time around. My sims can live without beach lots, right?

    I'll be sure to visit your studios and notify you guys of the sims that I'm using. Now, all I need to do is organize my downloads, my neighborhood, and my blog. I'll be all set!

  4. When I played Riverview, I started to miss Sunset Valley. I don't know if it's so much but just that the layout of the town seems to make more sense to me.

    Both of the Sims look really interesting but I'm probably leaning towards Helena. The medical career could lead to some drama, with the long hours mixed with her hot-headed trait.

  5. I generally like Sunset Valley better. I like the town layout better and the Central Park works so well as a meeting place.

    I think I like the sound of Helena better.

    Feel free to grab any of my Sims for any purpose but you need to report back with what happened to them from time to time. Look for Nicarra60. :)

  6. I've booted up the game, and I've used the Riverview template. It'll be a pain building the homes for all the sims, but it'll be worth it. :)

    Carla, I'm actually afraid to see how she'll deal with all the stress. I wonder if I should have made her Neurotic? All that stress would melt away if she screamed a little and checked on the faucet/stove...haha!

    Of course, PiB. I was actually planning on having a little newspaper-like thing alerting everyone of their sims' mishaps. I need some more girls (I had one more guy than I planned, and one of the girls is crashing my game) so I'll be sure to visit your studio! :)