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Cosmic Love

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Title: Cosmic Love by Florence + The Machine
Content Warning: strong language, adult themes


 "You can speak whenever you're ready, Ms. Cartez." Officer Richards said softly. Ella sat with a nervous smile on her face while twiddling her thumbs.

After four days worth of obsessing over whether or not to turn Mark in to the police, she finally decided to speak out. Ultimately, to prove to herself that she no longer loved him.

"Right, I-I'm sorry. This is just really hard for me right now."

"I understand completely."

"So, if I rat him out, how long will he get?"

"We don't know for sure, but he's wanted for grand theft, kidnapping, and aggravated assault overseas. He's got quite the record on his hands. If we can convict him of those crimes, we're looking at twenty six days in a maximum-security prison."

"T-twenty six days? Isn't that a little harsh?"

"Ma'am, you have to remember that he didn't just hurt you. He's a slippery fellow, we can't risk allowing him to escape." Ella bit her lip in worry, and the police officer sighed. "You're a very valuable witness, and I don't want to have to drag this information out of you. By turning him in, you'd be helping a lot of people. You may even help keep him safe, since I'm sure more than a few 'victims' here would like to have his head. Literally."

Ella sighed and looked back down to her thumbs. Her heart pounded as she contemplated what they would do if she refused to reveal the truth about him. Would they toss her into a cold, dark interrogation room? Would they incarcerate her and torture her until she finally caved? She recalled Mark's threat of revealing Jordan and Ella's night together, and wondered if this was really worth hurting her sister. It seemed that no matter what she did, someone would end up hurt.

After a few shaky breaths, she finally made her decision.

 "Okay, I'll tell you all that I know." she whispered hesitantly.

"Let me start from the beginning..."


Ella began online shopping for a black tie gala that was coming up in a few months. She had her eye on a gorgeous, floor-length gown and was just about to click "add to cart" when an anonymous person decided to IM her with a "hello ella".

She asked the person who they were, how they knew her IM address. and how they knew her name. Deep down, she knew it was Mark, but she pretended not to know to see if he'd reveal himself or not.

"i told u platinum, dont stick ur nose where it doesn't belong ;)" He linked to a webpage of Sims Magazine, with her on the front page.

And she wasn't alone.

"i hope ur ready for some serious shit to hit the fan, sweetheart <3" the anon replied before logging off.

Ella stared in disbelief. There they were, with all their dirty laundry aired out to the world. Their small flings were no longer a secret; her skeletons have finally made their way out of the closet. Her sister Bonnie would be hysterical, and SimVonne would no longer want her as the face of their new perfume. All of her Bridgeport buddies would know that she stole her sister's boyfriend, just like the attention whore she was.

She tried in vain to fight back tears.

She thought by talking to the police, she would be able to rid Mark from her life entirely; but yet again, he had managed to escape. She didn't have the energy to ask how, because she didn't have the energy to even speak.

She slowly rested her head on her keyboard and convulsed with sobs.


 Ella stood by the safety of her bedroom door and listened to the heartbreaking sounds of her sister crying and screaming in disbelief. Bonnie was ranting and raving like a madwoman, making no sense at all. She began to cry a little herself, knowing that her sweet sister, the only member of her father's family that liked her, now hates her with a burning passion. She lost a friend. She lost the only person she knew to be "family". She lost a sister. The only person who had ever truly cared about her was now losing her mind because of what happened.

And it was all Ella's fault.

"I've had enough of you! I'm leaving!" Bonnie screamed, wiping away tears.

"Bonnie, take a second to just calm down okay?"

"Calm down? You have the nerve to cheat on me with my sister, and you want me to calm down? I'll show you calm!" She raised a hand to slap him, but slowly retracted it when she realized it might not be worth a lawsuit. Instead, she grabbed a suitcase, shoved all of her clothes into it, and tossed the suitcases down the stairs. She the stormed down the steps and caught Ella's scared eyes.

"Don't you fucking look at me like that, you hussy," she spat. "You may have deceived me, but I know now that you're nothing but a cheap, trashy home-wrecker. Just like your mom."

Ella watched as Bonnie walked out the front door, with the intention of never returning.


*Later at the Pinciotti Estate*
 "There's my Bon Bon!" Abbot said happily. She was always happy to see her grandkids, especially Bonnie. When she noticed her bags in her convertible, Abbot's face immediately fell into a worried look. "How are you, dear?"

 Bonnie immediately fell into her grandmother's arms and cried. Abbot quietly shushed her as she rubbed her back. "There there, whatever it is, it can't possibly be that bad. Hmm?"

Bonnie nodded and wiped her tears away. "It's not that bad, Bonnie." she thought to herself. "Get over it. Stop your miserable sobbing. You're not a child."

"Where's Mom?"

"Tiffany is at her salon; working, as usual." she sighed as she rolled her eyes. Tiffany dedicated one-hundred percent of herself to her new booming business, Tiffany's Salon. "She thinks that it'll be the biggest and best thing to hit Sunset Valley since Costello built that stadium."

"And where's Daddy?" she said cautiously.

"He's in his office, working on his computer. You're free to talk to him if you wish."

"Hey, twerps!" she chirped while putting on a fake smile. She didn't want her younger siblings to see her in such a fragile state.

"I thought you moved out, Ms. Independent." Clyde mocked. Bonnie rolled her eyes and smacked her brother on the head as she walked by.

"Way to go, sis!" Lorena cheered. Clyde shot her a mean glare and she responded by shrugging her shoulders and tackling his character when he wasn't looking.

"Heey, that's cheating!"

Bonnie entered her father's study and sat down quietly, waiting to see if he would take notice. He didn't. She cleared her throat and began to speak.

"Hello, Daddy."

"Oh hi, sweetheart. Why are you home so early? I thought you were staying with Ella." he asked disinterestedly.

"It didn't work out." she muttered.

"Hm. Bonnie, may I ask you a question?"


"What do you think of your mother and I divorcing?"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" she seethed.

"Bonnie, language."

"Oh really? You're still lecturing me for language like I'm a little girl? Why don't you lecture your bastard child, Ella? She's the potty mouth! What did you ever see in her mother that made you no longer want mine? What did you ever see in Ella that made you say 'yes' when her mother wanted to send her down here? Why does everyone hate me and love her?!" she ranted.

"Bon Bon, where is this coming from? You know you're the family favorite..."

"Don't call me that! You were just asking me what I would think if you divorced my mother. You don't have the right. Maybe things would be better if I just wasn't here!"

"Well, maybe things would be," Jack agreed. Bonnie's lips trembled as she held in her tears.

"Bonnie Pinciotti, I think this discussion is over."

"Yeah, I think it is. Just like my life." she muttered.


 "Is my Bonnie home? Abbot told me and I rushed home as soon as I could..."

 "Yep, she's home." he muttered, snarling. He didn't understand why Bonnie, of all his children, would snap and accuse him of hating her. He was shocked she would even snap at all. Pinciottis just don't "do" emotions.

"Did you even notice my haircut?"

"Why yes I did dear. What convinced you to chop it off?" Tiffany said without skipping a beat. Truth was, she was so concerned by her daughter's sudden homecoming that she hadn't been paying attention.

"Eh, no special reason, just..." he trailed off as he looked into her eyes. Tiffany was always so beautiful, and so patient with his immaturity. She raised four of his five beautiful children, and still managed to excel in what she does for a living. She was perfect.

Far too perfect for him.

He stood up and pulled her in for a kiss, leaving her bewildered. "What in the world did I deserve to get that? We haven't kissed like that in years," she chuckled.

"I know, and...I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything."

"That's all fine and dandy dear, but where is Bonnie? I'm really worried about her."

"Last time I saw her, she stormed off into the guestroom."

Tiffany quietly walked up the stairs and into the bedroom, and was horrified at what she saw. The bottle with her sleeping medication was seen under the bed, completely empty, with Bonnie unconscious on the floor.

"Oh, my dear child!" Tiffany whimpered. "What did you do?!"


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  1. So finally, the Pinciottis (or at least 1/3 of them) are seen! Yay! :D

    As I mentioned in the commentary, trying to off yourself after a breakup is pretty drastic, but the breakup wasn't the entire cause; it was simply the last straw in the cup. Actually, the fight she had with her dad was the last straw, so think of her fight with Jordy as the second to the last straw. ;)

  2. Poor Ella, trying to do the right thing and have Mark put away only to have her affair splashed everywhere.

    Bonnie, first you find out with the world that your boyfriend cheated on you. Then your dad asks you about splitting up with your mom. Rough day indeed but trying to off yourself isn't the answer.

    Great chapter, can't wait to see how things turn out for everyone.

    Still hope that Mark gets what he deserves, in full measure.

  3. *cackles evilly while trying to suppress spoilers*

  4. Oh nooooo!! Bonnie :( Well, she definitely didn't handle everything very well--not that I blame her. That's two gigantic painful bombshells to hit within a couple of hours.

    Ella... Man. She tried so hard to get Mark put away, and he escapes again, only to ruin her image. Things just couldn't be getting any worse for her, right now :(( I think I'm finally starting to feel real pity for her!

    I have to say--their family is full of quite the characters... Bonnie's parents are... definitely interesting, lol! I look forward to seeing more of them in the future. ;)

    So, is this the finale? :((( Waaaaahhh, I hope I don't have to wait too long for more!!! Too much of a cliffhanger, gah!! Marvelous writing as always, Cheezy--it's so fantastic to have your stories to read, again. <33

  5. That was definitely a major blow for Bonnie...I felt kind of bad for her.

    Oh, it can and will get worse. Muahahahaha

    Yeah, the Pinciottis have quite a few skeletons in their closets, and quite a few family members they've alienated.

    Thanks! <33 I'm currently working on the first chapter, bit by bit. It should be out within the next week. :)