Monday, July 5, 2010

Sandy Alcott Is the New Indiana Jones

When they arrived in Egypt, they immediately went their separate ways. Not because they were annoyed with each other, but because they had a goal in mind. Sandy planned on conversing with the locals and maybe even finding out some interesting stories via gossiping with the citizens of Al Simhara. Brandon, on the other hand, planned on searching tombs (maybe he's been watching too many Indiana Jones movies), but not before moping a little bit because it wasn't Champs Le Sims. And moping even more because they wouldn't allow him to take his PC with him on the flight.

When Sandy met up with him later, she had a lot to say.

"Oh my plumb, today was so awesome! Have you heard? Inji Ameen has been flirting with Fikry Ameen!"
Brandon chuckled. " you even know who they are?"
"Does it matter?? This is amazing!" she squealed. "Come on, let's go in one of those pyramids that you wouldn't stop talking about on the way here."

When she stood outside of the Pyramids of the Burning Sands, she was very intimidated. She felt like a flea, which is not good for a clumsy sim.

"Uhh, Brandon, are you sure you want to do this?" she questioned softly. She was a daredevil, yes, but that doesn't mean she wants to get herself killed.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine!" he hollered from behind her.

"Well...okay then."

"Urrgh, this **** thing is sealed shut! How the **** am I supposed to get this open?" Sandy swore.
"Are you sure you don't want me to open that for you, honey?" he offered, stifling chuckles.
"Are you trying to say that I'm not strong? I'm the one who has to give birth! I can open a damn pyramid door! Ah, what's this button?"

"NO DON'T TOUCH THAT!" he shrieked. It was too late, though. Sandy had already punched that button a million times before the door finally gave way.

"See, I told you I could do it." Sandy smirked.

"So, are you coming in?" Brandon said, smirking just as much if not more than Sandy did when she opened the door. "Um...yeah, in a minute. Just admiring the lovely architecture. Don't mind me..."

Sandy finally worked up the courage to walk in, and was amazed. This wasn't so bad after all. Maybe she was losing her daredevil touch. As she was pondering all this, Brandon's voice distracted her. "Please don't touch any sarcophagi. I don't believe in mummy curses, but I don't want to risk it." he said cautiously. Sandy just huffed. She's the one who opened the door, what gives him the right to be so cocky?

She made her way to the nearest rubbish pile to work off her anger. No, not really, but it was fun to make Brandon think that she was angry at him. Usually it comes with lots of sucking up afterwards.

"Hey Sandy, I found something!" Brandon yelled. "Yeah yeah, just hang on a second." While Sandy was fiddling around with some hole she found in the wall, Brandon was busy repeatedly jumping on the little mat that he found.

"Oh Braaandoon," Sandy sang. "What?"

She flipped the switch and they both watched as the floor opened and revealed hidden stairs. Poor Brandon, he was still desperately trying to get something out of the mat! Which he did, so Sandy ventured downstairs while Brandon tried to open a door with a treasure chest in it.

"Honey! I found a crescent keystone!" she shouted. Brandon came rushing downstairs to enter the unlocked room with her.

"Isn't it pretty?" she beamed. He nodded his head in agreement. This pyramid was gorgeous! Sandy tried to find a way around the boulder that blocked one of the rooms, while Brandon found a more reasonable route: through the dive well.

"Wooooo!" he hollered, right before jumping in. Sandy just rolled her eyes, obviously annoyed. Usually it was the other way around.

"Brandon, I'm hungry. I want to go back to the base camp. Now." He ignored her attitude, and cheerfully replied "You can go back if you need to, sweetheart. I'm staying."
"No! There is no way in this world that I am leaving you alone in a pyramid!" Before she could continue her lecture, he dived into the well and began to explore.

"Ugh, men." she muttered under her breath. She stood there for a few minutes, and then she began to walk away.

Before she could leave, he popped back out of the water. "Did you have a nice swim, dear?" Sandy mocked, with fake enthusiasm.
"I found a switch!" he smiled, completely ignoring her sarcasm.

"So, are you going back to the base camp?" he questioned while panting. Searching dive wells was hard work, especially when you encounter dead bodies and stuff.

"I should," she huffed, "but I want to spend time with you. So if you insist on staying in this Plumbbob-forsaken pyramid, then so will I." Brandon had a wide smile on his face, which quickly turned into a smirk. "You're just saying that because you actually want to stay in the pyramid as well, you just don't want to admit it." He splashed her, which caused her to shriek with laughter.

They went back into the entryway to enter the unlocked door, when all of a sudden, an alarm went off. "What the *** is that?" Sandy asked quizzically. "I don't know, it sounds like a...a..."

"TRAP!! RUN!" he screeched. Sandy just stood there with a puzzled, possibly constipated expression on her face. "Why is your hand on my butt? And why is it so warm?" "It's not." he said, a bit confused. And just to make sure, he looked at both of his hands. Neither of them were on Sandy. That's when he looked up and noticed that Sandy's bum was glowing an unusual shade of yellow. Like fire.


After Sandy's butt was sufficiently extinguished, she and Brandon ran back to the base camp. And with no time to waste, she began blaming him for what happened.

"This is all your fault, Brandon! If we just went home when I said that we should have, my butt wouldn't have caught on fire! Now I'm soaked! And I bet I have dirt stains to last me a year on my shirt. Not even the strongest bleach will get rid of them! Are you even listening to me?!" One would argue that they switched personalities while going on this trip.

"So, other than the whole fire mishap, I enjoyed today." Sandy begun. Brandon just nodded his head and continued to eat his salad. "Yeah, it was fun. I'm just sorry that you caught on fire..." Sandy just laughed and shrugged it off. "It's no problem, really. A lot worse could have happened, and it's not like I almost died or anything."

Sandy bit her lip. She knew what she wanted to say, but she didn't know if he felt the same. With everything that they've been through, she can still look at him at the end of the day and feel lucky. That's a bit shocking, since they conflict so often on so many different levels. She loved him, and she knew it. Her thoughts were interrupted once again by Brandon.

"Yes?" he repeated.
"Um...your hair looks nice that way. I like that style." He tried not to laugh. "I've had this hairstyle for awhile now! In fact, I think I had this hairstyle when we first met." "Really? Oh, I didn't notice."

They huddled close together in their tent, and cuddled for a little bit. Sandy was about to initiate a little romance, but obviously Brandon would have none of it since he went straight to sleep while cuddling. It was still nice, though.

This is turning out better than they thought.

Well, this was an adventure, lol! I didn't really stage any of this except from the gossiping she did with a local, and the hug they shared at the base camp. Everything else was entirely them/the game. Sandy's and Brandon's facial expressions were cracking me up!! I don't know how clear they are in the pictures (you can click to enlarge them if needed), but they were amazing. Sandy often appeared scared, and then glared at him as if to say "This is all your fault". Brandon didn't even notice, he was too busy smiling like a buffoon. That is, until Sandy's butt caught on fire. Then he wore an expression of fear for awhile.

Sandy really was my sim-Indiana Jones in this update, which shocked me. Brandon is the adventurous one and as I said, Sandy pretty much acted like a coward through this entire round. However, she was solving puzzles and finding keys left and right! Or, at least, until the third level.

I actually tried to get Sandy to initiate the woohoo this time, but Brandon fell asleep on her. Twice. I guess Sandy's getting a taste of her own medicine, and so is Brandon with Sandy's constant glaring and overall disapproval. ;) I must admit though, things are looking up for them. They're finally spending time together, even though their funds are taking a hit.


  1. Haha, I loved this one! It was funny to see them try and outdo each other in the pyramid.

  2. LOL, it really was! They both spun up the same pyramid-related wants, too, like disarming traps and exploring a pyramid fully. I think they're just competing against each other now. ;)

  3. I love reading about the places in WA. I never bought it because I wasn't interested in the travel part but still love reading about it.

    I did enlarged the pics and love the expressions. I was really surprised at the way Brandon took to tomb exploration. I thought he would have been the party pooper.

  4. Fund wise, it's usually not difficult to return home with more than you had at the start. Doing jobs for locals and finding gems/minerals everywhere is very profitable. I wish it were so easy to go on a holiday and come back with more money in real life.

    Most Sims seem to quite enjoy exploring, until they hit traps. Only brave Sims don't mind that, the rest need liquid courage or time to recover.

    Nice update, I think this is going very well.

  5. Dee - That shocked me as well, actually. I knew he was adventurous, but he acted just like a kid in a candy store the very second he entered the pyramid!

    PiB - Really? Damn, lol. They were so focused on their tomb exploration that I completely forgot to check for adventures and watch out for the gems/minerals! They haven't lost much, though. So far they've only lost $5 from their little group meal that will probably last them for the rest of the trip. Maybe I can somehow complete the pyramid and get some adventures done before they have to return home, but I doubt it.

  6. Oh my gosh this constant bickering back & fourth between these two is very amusing...and a little too RL for my liking. lol
    It's entertaining though and boy oh boy did they swap personalities on this trip.