Tuesday, March 9, 2010

March 09, 2010- She may look familiar to you...

I was fooling around in CAS today, and I remade a pre-made that I used for one of my stories. If she looks familiar, it's because it's Selma, but modified, renamed, and childless. I figured that I needed to spend some time actually playing the game (especially Riverview, which I think is the most scenic) if I want to get a good start on my world. So I'll be playing her through Riverview for a bit.

Meet Anya Francois: a good, easily awoken, flirtatious, excitable, and clumsy sim who would love to become an international super spy. Unfortunately, her adventure doesn't quite begin just yet. I don't have enough time to play and blog, so right now I'm just getting back into the habit of blogging with this post. Her adventure will start tomorrow, and will hopefully be up by Thursday.

On a side note, I've become "addicted" to making sims with minimal cc. It inspires you to try harder, and to go outside of the box so all the sims don't look the same...which was difficult enough in TS2, lol. I think Anya turned out rather nicely in contrast to Selma. I smoothed out some of the rougher edges, and fixed the nose because it bothered me a lot. I see a lot more personality in Anya than I do Selma.


  1. Anya has je ne sais quoi! I was more drawn to Riverview, personally, when I played TS3. Have fun with it!

  2. She looks good. If she's on the exchange, I may put her into my town and see if she likes any of my other downloaded sims in my current game. I hesitate when they have a lot of custom content because they never look like the sim the person created.

  3. @Francesca Dean, Thanks! I always loved Riverview, but the layout always bugged me. The crappy layout was well worth the scenery, though. It's gorgeous!

    @Dee, thankfully, she has no cc at all (except from maybe the skin, but it's default) so I'll definitely put her on the exchange for you. :)

  4. Ok, cool. I'll add her to my game. Just be prepared. I won't be controlling what she does with her life.
    Thanks for accepting.

    I have always loved Riverview. I was never happy with the scattered houses though. I'll be so glad when ambitions comes out so I can place lots.