Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 13, 2010- Pobreza Update #2

Selma starts off her Tuesday afternoon teaching Lily how to talk on her day off from work. She finally got the sleep she needed, and boy did it pay off! She's feeling pretty lucky; maybe she'll get a raise at work soon. Or even better, a promotion.

And while Selma was teaching little Lily about the Simlish language, I was busy making what could very well be Selma's dream home. With 3 bedrooms, 1 bath (but the middle bedroom can easily be converted into another bath), this home was spacious, affordable, and in a "better" neighborhood. Not to mention it's only 10 or 20 sim minutes away from the daycare and the school. Unfortunately, Selma only has $256 dollars to her name, while the price tag for this house is about $21,000. Here's hoping for that promotion!

Selma took advantage of the fact that the daycare was open 24 hours of the day, and decided to begin teaching Lily how to potty, and how to read. Overall, it was a peaceful day.

That all ended at about 2AM, though. Lily wouldn't stop crying, and Selma was once again extremely tired. That, and the sink broke! It seems her luck is wearing off.

When she woke up a few hours later, the entire room was flooded! Unfortunately, Selma didn't have time to mop up the puddles. However, she was able to repair the sink entirely on her own.

Selma was disheartened when she saw the steep price on her bills. $885 was quite a bit of simoleans and she didn't have enough money. She had to sell her sofa set and replace it with a smaller, cheaper love seat. It wasn't a huge trade, but it still bothered her that she couldn't even make ends meet.

Selma left for work, hoping that if she arrived early and worked harder than usual, her luck would turn around. Thankfully Selma remembered to hide the TV before the babysitter came.

Selma arrived home from work tired, burned-out, and stressed. She wondered why she worked so hard for a $98 paycheck, and thought about quitting and working full-time at the local police station, or maybe the community theatre. Then, she was reminded of Lily and the fact that she can't take care of herself just yet, and she was also reminded of the crappy babysitter who would surely let her baby starve to death if she left her in her hands for 8 hours. Selma decided it would be best to wait until Lily was of school-age to apply for an actual job.

Oh, and Lily finally learned how to talk!

She was also potty trained on the same night. Lily's growing up so fast!

The workshift on Thursday was like every other workshift Selma's had so far at the Pobreza Day Spa. She's worked her butt off, only to be berated for being so stressed out, and rewarded with only a $98 check.

Friday was a different story, however. For one thing, Lily learned how to walk! And it's a good thing too, since Lily's birthday is today. Which also means that Selma can finally get the "real job" she's been looking for. No more minimum wage!

Lily grew up into a child later on that day, and is taking quite a bit after her father. She'll start attending Plumb Elementary in two days.

While Lily enjoys her cake, Selma is busy hunting for easy bacon. She sent her resume to Hogan's Deep-Fried Diner, and they accepted her. Finally, she'll be getting more money in! Of course, she's not much of a chef, but if it pays the bills...


Wow, we're on Friday already?! Only two more days until Sunday, which would make it a week. I think I'll extend the deadline, since I need to test out the school and Lily won't be attending school until Monday. So make that two weeks in Pobreza!
I'm really happy for Lily and Selma. So far, things seem to be looking up for them. More income, less babysitter, less whiny Lily...the works. :)
And also, Lily's new trait is Frugal! I figured it'd be fitting, considering the lifestyle that Lily's lived so far. The more money saved in this household, the better!


  1. This is a great update. Selma will have it so much easier now that Lily can take care of herelf. More money coming in too, thanks to the new job.

    I just started a new game in SV. You keep testing and when it's all ready, I can throw lots of sims into it.

    I like the house you're building.

  2. Yeah, Selma wanted to change jobs the night before Lily became a child, but it went away before I could click on it! Eh, oh well. She got what she wanted either way.

    I'm still working on the world, I've got the Downtown rabbit holes up and I'm thinking about letting the mountains just be scenery instead of an actual place to live. I'm sure the world has more than enough space without the mountain lodgings, and all the flattening I'd have to do in the mountains might just ruin them. Of course, that means I'd have to re-construct the mountains to make them more realistic...

  3. I like the mountains in the background. Some of the worlds that are being made are great.
    Some have so many trees that you can't find the sims. Some have all the places to go, so scattered that it takes forever to get anywhere. Some have so much stuff that has to load that the game gets laggy, at least for me. I don't know if that is caused by lots of fauna or lots of water.

    Are you going to post on the sticky at the forum? If you haven't already that it. I didn't look at all the worlds there lately.