Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010 - Stage 1.3

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8 PM - 9 PM

I modified the terrain in the jungle, and I liked how it came out. The lot on the left is going to be a fire pit and maybe other things you'd find/bring in a jungle, and the three small lots on the right are going to be little hut-like areas. They're community lots of course, so your sims can camp out in the jungle. I might even let them live in the jungle if they wish! :)

Tip: Somehow, listening to themed songs seems to help with the creation process. Country songs help with making countryside lots, tropical music (like Reggae) and party music (think dance tunes) help with tropical jungles and beaches, etc.

9 PM - 1 AM

A view of the new and improved jungle from edit-in-game (aka EIG)

The fire pit, which is a place for sims to retreat when they get hungry. Also, the pond will be stocked with some fish. It's nearby the waterfall, so it's pretty scenic.

A decent-sized shack with a decent view, aka the Abner Shack. I'm going to name the three shacks after people who will come with the neighborhood. The sims and their homes will be cc-free. Also, these shacks will come with the necessary enmities needed to sustain sim life (minus food, that's what the pit is for), but don't expect anything fancy. No electronics are allowed in the shacks. Basically all the shacks contain a bed, a dresser, a shower, a sink, a toilet, some seats, and a bookshelf. And there are windows in all of them, but I tried to put the windows in the most scenic places I could find.

A "spacious" shack with a decent view named "The Landon Shack". This shack actually comes with 2 bedrooms, which makes it the biggest.

A small shack with a beautiful view (it's the closest shack to the waterfall), otherwise known as "The Delano Shack". The 2nd floor is pretty much useless, but there is a bed on the first floor.

I tried to make it as primitive as possible because I didn't want legacy players like me to try and get a lucky start, lol. These shacks are community lots, so there's no purchase necessary (however, like I said earlier, I am thinking about making some shacks available for residency).
I didn't want the players to "cheat" by getting luxury items without earning them. But for sims merely taking a "vacation" in the jungle, the lack of luxury items shouldn't be much of a problem. So it all works out.

I also started the basics of what will be the mountains, and I went back and re-edited some lots. I also made the library, and I would have pics, but I lost track of time and I'm exhausted.

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